Suffering For Tourism ‘Fun’ – Suffering The Big Pity In The Big City.


What a pity;

Lucky, that the accident did not work properly; really a pity!
I dream about the day that a pitiful slave like you, who has to suffer for years under all kinds of beatings, abuses and humiliation, finally raises his head and does not storm on a car, but on his torturer.

He kicked him with his trembling feet, on which he cannot even stand, because he is tired and weak, he pushes him with his head, which can only point forward because of a multitude of cutting chains and bridles punishing his body, and sends the sadist with life-threatening injuries there, where he belongs.

It would also be best to eliminate the un-educated carriage riding idiots alike, making the fat tourists walk for once, turning them instead into beings who don`t want to burden natures wonderful creatures by supporting an animal abusive industry making a living being a mode of transport for their overweight ‘fun’.
For the first time it was not bad – Lucky.
But the second time, possibly it works better.



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