Spain / EU: The Torment And The Death – Supported By The EU Each Year – Money For Death – Why We HATE The EU !



Dear Mark,

On bullfighting I would like to say a few things. Perhaps this is known to most, or perhaps not. Known or not known, the bullfighting is not a tradition, is and remains cowardly murder.

Bull “fight”: animal cruelty and a billion-dollar business!

According to estimates by animal welfare organizations, the annual turnover of the bullfighting industry in Spain is between 1 and 2.5 billion euro. 200,000 jobs are procured in Spain, through the brutal execution of 40,000 bulls.

The professional groups that benefit from this massacre are many: Promoter of the events, simple bullfighting workers, up to the slaughterers, who later smash the sacrifice and sell as meat.

The breeding of the bulls and everything related to it must also be considered. They all want to participate in the big pot of the industry. In addition, bullfighting is a tourist attraction, such as paella and flamenco. The Spanish audience expects from a bullfight an especially good entertainment. One sits, one eats hamburger, and make calls with the cell phone, while down in the arena a living being is brutally massacred. Of the tourists, Americans and Japanese are the predominant proportion of bullfighting visitors. Most tourists go to the bullfight because they consider it a part of the country’s culture.

In 2013, the Spanish government protected the bullfight and since then this bloody massacre has been considered an ” immaterial cultural property ” in Spain. This was one of the greatest cultural shame in Spain, which has also led to economic corruption.

For EU agricultural subsidies, 130 million euros are earmarked each year for the breeders of bulls. 30 million comes from Germany.

The word bull “fight” is wrong, intentionally wrong. There is no fight between equal partners. It is not the battle of a bull against his fellow-species.

A bull is prepared in such a way that he loses the fight against a murder beforehand. The bull is kept in the dark for days before the massacre. Heavy weights are hung around his neck for weeks. To aggravate his vision even more, Vaseline is lubricated in his eyes. His nose is tamped with tampons to make him breathing harder, and needles are put into the testicles to “pinpoint” him with pain. And so they send the “equals” combat partner into the arena!

Where three acts of torture follow:

Act 1: Tercio de Varas (the third of the spit)

The first act is about the mutual learning of Matador and bull. Again and again the animal is wounded by the Picadors, the mounted helper of the bullfighter, with lances in the neck area and weakened by the blood loss. These targeted stitches in the neck of the bull make him lower his head more and more.

A preparation for the final act.

A Picador horse having suffered an injury from the bull

– horses also suffer in bullfights !

Act 2: Tercio de banderillas (The third of the banderillas) During the second act, sharp rods are stabbed into the shoulders of the Bull by Banderilleros.

This leads him to lose his strength and his aggression level continues to rise. A macabre game with the life of the beast, which is now beginning to struggle for his life.


Act 3: Tercio de Muerte (The third of death)

Now the Matador returns to the arena. There is a dance between Matador and his victim. With a deliberate push between the shoulders of the animal he tries to pierce the completely exhausted animal directly into the heart. The cleaner the better.

One has to imagine that the sword is completely inside of it and its organs are broken down. The bull does not fidget now, he is incapacitated, but fully conscious.


In this state the ears and the tail are cut off.

He is also dragged out of the arena by mules. Spanish bullfighting is not a tradition, it is an industry, an industry built on blood and torture.


And as long as these crimes are supported and financed by the EU, as long as the EU is doing corrupt business with bullfighting, animals are massacred and together with them, including civilization in Spain.


Best regards



The ‘masters of death’ – Tusk and Junker – EU officials turning the other way when it comes to animal abuse and suffering.


News Just In – 28/7/17.


Dear Mark — Founder ‘Serbian Animals Voice’,

Last year, you took action to urge the Spanish Balearic Islands to ban bullfights that subject bulls to cruelty in the name of entertainment.

Just this week, the Parliament of the Balearic Islands passed measures making it impossible for these cruel events to take place.

Because of your compassionate voice, bulls will no longer suffer and die in this community during cruel and outdated blood-sports.

This life-saving victory sends a message to the rest of Spain and the world that there is no future for bullfighting and that spectacles of animal cruelty belong in the past.

Thank you so much for taking action and for caring about animals.


Andrew Rowan

President and CEO

Humane Society International.





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