Serbia: Can You Help Svetlana With Finding New Homes For Dogs From Bor ?


5/10 – We have had the following message in from Svetlana.

As we said before, we tried to help Gordana with the re homing of some dogs here in England; but this was not possible either.

If anyone anywhere feels that they can help, then here is Svetlana’s Facebook link.

Please contact her direct.


Hi Mark

I was wandering if you could help me..

I’ve got many rescued strays from Bor, Serbia and adoption simple doesn’t work in Serbia

I’ve been trying and trying to find them homes, but nothing

I can’t afford paying pensions for them, so absolutely I have no solution

Can you please help me to try to find them homes or fosters, anything?

I’m really desperate, I can’t bring them back to streets..

Thank you in advance;






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