UK / England: Minister Michael Gove blames EU for dramatic decline of wildlife as he pledges ‘green Brexit’.

UK Government Minister Michael Gove tears into the EU regarding its attitude to animal welfare and green environmental issues.

 Read it all at:


Mr Gove also claimed that EU law “binds our hands” on everything from VAT rates and animal welfare to “bin collections”


The anti-Brussels Environment Secretary tore into the EU’s record on green issues as he insisted withdrawal would allow Britain to “secure a special prize – a Green Brexit”.


As we have said in the past at SAV, once the UK is out of the EU (Brexit), we will take back control of our laws and make things better for animals and the environment.


As we have posted recently, he also confirmed that the maximum sentence for animal cruelty will be hiked from six months to five years.

Mr Gove said: “I believe that when we face deliberate, calculating and sadistic behaviour, we need to deploy the full force of the law to show we will not tolerate evil.”

Well done Minister Gove !


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