Germany: Judge Approves The Work Of Activists Who Filmed Undercover – No ‘Ag Gag’ In The EU.


Dear Mark,


There are also good news, from time to time.
I received the news yesterday about the three freed animal activists who published their undercover investigations in a stable, in Magdeburg.
Who does not know that?
Dead pigs, others on the ground, who are being eaten by their fellow-creatures, turkeys with huge wounds, chickens with broken legs … this is the cruel reality of German animal husbandry.
This reality is denied or embellished for strong economic interest.
The three animal rights activists of the organization “Animal Rights Watch” filmed the conditions of the stables of “van Gennip Tierzuchtanlagen GmbH & Co. KG” about four years ago. They wanted to document grievances.

The prosecutor accused them of private nuisance

On Wednesday, October 11, the Magdeburg regional court has released all three of them.

He justified the acquittal that such film recordings are justified.
State control has failed, and in this case intervention is warranted, even necessary and right !!
In this case, according to the judge, the activists have committed private nuisance but their motivation was correct.
The trespass was the right means to obtain a criminal complaint against the stable owner and finally to free the animals from their torment !!

A court spokesman said: “The judge has made clear that no damage has been done and the activists have chosen the mildest means of emergency relief, namely to document the conditions.”
The animal rights activist Jürgen Foss of the organization “Animal Rights Watch” said: “I am totally moved and overjoyed, and I have not experienced anything like that before, and it is a good thing that the judge encourages us in what we do.
I’m curious to see if the prosecutor’s office goes to the next instance. ”
About 30 other activists had followed the trial in the courtroom.

The joy of all animal protectionists is very great.
It was a courageous judgment, and has an elemental meaning.
The judge outlined animal welfare as a high right and pointed to the anchoring in the Basic Law.

Above all, now that the meat mafia is currently massively trying to criminalize filming in animal husbandry (keyword “stale breakouts”), this is also an important signal for democracy.

Yes, what else can I say?
All of Germany can be proud of this judge!


best regards




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