The bleeding zone





This is the reality of a rabbit slaughterhouse in Spain.

– Rabbits are transported in containers after a stressful 12-hour trip.
– They take them to the “bleeding zone” and hang them upside down.
Terrified wait watching while others are killed right in front of them.
– And, then, it is their turn to also be HANGED, DEGOLLATED and DISPELELED for meat.

Is it only in Spain?

No! This is how it works in all totalitarian, fascist systems, as well as the system of human animals, which they have constructed against all other animal species.

This fascist system of the stronger race enables us per se to practice the worst torture, injustice and exploitation of other animal species, with the only justification not to belong to the same species.

Every totalitarian system has perpetrators and victims.
We are on the side of the victims.


My best regards to all, Venus


One Response

  1. In the 21st century it is known that we humans are fruit eaters, we are not omnivores we are not carnivores, we are frugivores. It is also known that all vertebrates are also octopus: in equal measure persons the same as human children.Who then can kill and eat children and order murders ?!

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