England: In Search Of The Lost Girl – Chris Returns To Sumatra To Find The Little Girl That Haunts Him From A Photo He Took 20 Years Ago.


The brilliant Chris Packham (see photo below – red shirt on left) – UK naturalist; goes in search of the lost girl which he photographed over 20 years ago; and who lost her entire family, murdered by the Palm Oil industry.




A haunting programme which shows and explores the palm oil industry of Indonesia / Sumatra, and the people of the rain forests were sold off to the palm oil industry – effectively losing everything they had as a tribe for their original way of life in the forest.

Chris shows the palm oil industry and how it has devastated the people of the forests and their lives.

But 20 years on after he took the original photograph of the little tribe girl from the forest, Chris actually tracks down the ‘lost girl’ – discovering that she is still alive and now has 3 young children of her own.


This link below is for the BBC iplayer system and will probably only be able to be seen by people residing in the UK.  All we can do is give the link and hope that non UK residents can also watch it.  Maybe in the near future it will be available on Youtube for others to see.

It is an emotional programme which shows the search of an Englishman (Chris) haunted by the palm oil business and also the photograph of a young tribe girl he took over 20 years ago.  This excellent programme shows the real devastation now of the rainforest and its peoples by the palm oil business and is a ‘must view’ for anyone who campaigns and fights against the palm oil trade.