USA: Trump To Open Up 90% of America’s Offshore Areas To Development.

The Trump administration just pledged to open up 90 percent of America’s offshore areas to development as part of its new five-year plan for oil and gas drilling.


Zinke Adds Oceans to the Chopping Block



A reversal of President Obama’s offshore drilling ban,

this disastrous proposal threatens marine life and coastal communities and contributes to the ever-growing dangers of climate change.

Tell U.S. Department of the Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke to start putting the public good before polluter profits and protect our fragile coastal waters.



Week 49: As We Approach the End of Trump’s First Year, the DOI and EPA Are in Tatters

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Why coal has no future

The Trump administration’s argument for coal only makes sense if you know nothing about how the electrical grid works. Watch this, and you’ll know more than they do.

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USA: Coke – Voluntary Or Pushed Into The Environmental Corner ?

SAV comment

So the wonders at Coke have been working hard on a new sustainability plan.
Their thoughts or have they been forced to do this ? – they have never given a **** about their products and the environment before – up till now just how much money they can make out of sponsoring large sports events and the rest. Are things going to change or are they still going to be a top polluter ? 

Every year Coca-Cola are producing more and more throwaway plastic bottles – an estimated 110 billion last year alone.

Hi Mark,

It’s a new year – and over at Coke’s global HQ in Atlanta, their team are working hard to finalise the details of a new sustainability plan.

We need to take this opportunity to show Coca-Cola’s executives how many of us want them to take action on their plastic pollution.

You’re one of 522,000 people around the world who have signed the petition so far – please will you ask your friends to sign too?  

Greenpeace supporters in India are the latest to join the call for Coca-Cola to cut their plastic pollution.

Coke aren’t the only company producing plastic bottles – but as the biggest soft drinks producer in the world, they’re in the unique position to take the lead and set new standards for the whole industry.

That’s why from Africa to Australia, Greenpeace supporters like you are calling for Coke’s global CEO to take action now. 

Many of us have seen the impact of plastic pollution on our oceans – whales with stomachs full of plastic, seabirds feeding plastic scraps to their young, or even plastic bottles washing up on our beach holidays.


Every year Coca-Cola are producing more and more throwaway plastic bottles – an estimated 110 billion last year alone.

As Coke’s decision makers debate their new plan for plastics, it’s vital that as many of us as possible add our names – to send a message loud and clear that for the future health of our oceans, Coke must reduce their massive plastic footprint. 

Thanks for all you do,





UK: Trying To Address Coffee Cup Waste – A ‘Latte Levy’ For Correct Recycling. Check Below For Other Cup Reuse Alternatives.


‘Latte levy’ of 25p urged by MPs in bid to cut cup waste


Four solutions to the disposable coffee cup problem

Starbucks responds to ‘latte levy’ with 5p cup charge to cut waste

Ben Webster, Environment Editor

January 5 2018,


Starbucks will test the impact of a 5p charge in 20 to 25 London stores.

A charge on disposable coffee cups is to be imposed in Britain to address the problem that only a tiny proportion is recycled.

Starbucks will test the impact of a 5p charge in 20 to 25 London stores in a three-month trial starting next month, the first time any coffee chain has required customers to pay extra for a cup.

The company announced the charge after learning that the Commons environmental audit committee would recommend today that the government introduce a minimum 25p “latte levy” on disposable cups.

A report by the committee says that disposable coffee cups should be banned unless almost all are recycled by 2023.




And the EU ? – they don’t give a  toss about anything unless money is the prime motivation.










Animals Asia – Bears Rescued in 2017.

In 2017, you rescued 18 bears from bile farms in Vietnam.

While Rocky tragically passed away shortly after his rescue,

17 others begin new lives in Animals Asia’s sanctuary.

Holly, Tim, Anh Sang, Mana, Manu, Mia, Bazan, Wendles,

Song Be, Jane, Soul, Dieu, Chom Chom, Binh An, Cloud,

Wolfie and Xanadu are safe because of you.




Hundreds of bears rescued from the bile industry in Vietnam

and China by Animals Asia have enjoyed a taste of Christmas

cheer as their rescuers prepared a spread of edible presents.





No Joke.




17 Ways Trump Attacked the Planet Over the Holidays

While the rest of the world celebrated the holidays, the Trump administration and its friends in Congress continued their assault on wildlife, public lands, the climate, science and our oceans.

The Revelator has the details        about what Trump and co. were up to in late December — and a quick peek into what that means for 2018.




Georgia Snail Is First Species Declared Extinct Under Trump

The beaverpond marstonia, a freshwater snail from Georgia, was officially declared extinct last week in response to a 2010 Center petition to protect it. The snail was lost due to groundwater withdrawal for agriculture and urbanization, along with farming pollution.

The Service should’ve proposed protection for the snail in 2011 but didn’t act on the petition until we sued in 2016 for a court-ordered decision deadline. The species had been on the waiting list for federal protection since 1984.

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Dear Mark,

Just hours ago Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke announced plans to dramatically expand offshore oil drilling in all oceans along U.S. coasts. This would include allowing new oil leasing along California’s shores for the first time in more than 30 years and in the remote Arctic.

Send a letter to Secretary Zinke urging him to scrap this destructive plan.

The draft proposal for offshore leasing over the next five years shows that the Trump administration is serious about giving the fossil fuel industry exactly what it wants: unrestricted access to oil and gas reserves buried deep under our oceans. If allowed to stand, the plan will hurt wildlife and coastal communities, and risk even more oil spills and sea-level rise. We can’t let that happen.

Act now to demand that Secretary Zinke protect our oceans and climate by scrapping this plan.

Take Action


Trump Left EPA Staff in the Dark Over Energy Star Cuts

Energy Star is a voluntary program that helps consumers find energy-efficient appliances, lighting and even homes. But the Trump administration wants to gut funding for the popular plan — which top EPA staffers didn’t even know until it turned up in media reports, according to documents partially released last week, obtained by the Center.

We’re now seeking the complete release of communications on Trump’s budget-cutting proposal.

“The Trump administration has a slash-and-burn approach to good ideas that help people and the environment, including Energy Star,” said the Center’s Greer Ryan, a renewable energy and research specialist.

Read more in our press release.

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