USA: 12/1/18 – Newsweek (USA) – Worth Reading.






Chaos in the Netherlands. There are cars being burned. There are politicians that are being burned,” Hoekstra said at the time. “With the influx of the Islamic community — and yes, there are no-go zones in the Netherlands. All right?


After drubbing by media, Trump’s ambassador to the Netherlands apologizes for remarks 



UN condemns reported Trump remarks on ‘s***hole countries’ as ‘racist’ 


The Daily 202: Trump has no nominees for 245 important jobs, including an ambassador to South Korea

Interesting Chart  in this article – 1 year on and so many appointments still not having been made.

Too many holidays playing golf in Florida ?  – it is called ‘priorities’ to most people who watch government. 


MAGA ? – not really – more like through his actions isolating the USA from the rest of the world.   And that is the view from the UK – aka ‘Special Relationship’ and all that Jazz.

No doubt the mid terms later this year will show us all how the USA public really feel.


Another interesting article below – seems like Bush rather than Mr.  Obama – but then as we all know, anything ‘Obama’ is trashed by Trump.  He Knows best !

– Grosvenor Square vs Nine Elms: The $1bn US embassy saga behind Donald Trump’s ‘bad deal’ outburst  


Norway Renames Itself ‘Shithole’ In Solidarity With Countries Trump Insulted 

For Republicans – the bit coloured red is Norway.  It is part of Europe.