India: Jan 2018 – More Incredible Rescues By Animal Aid Unlimitd India.

More Amazing Rescues and Recoveries At AAU India.


Moses was almost killed by flies…


A swarm of flies surrounded his head in a buzzing cloud, and their larvae devoured the side of his head and his entire ear. The pain and confusion had almost defeated sweet, aged Moses. When we found him on the street and slowly approached him, he was unable to even react. He had no more will to resist, and barely the energy, it seemed to keep himself in a sitting position. But once we brought him back to Animal Aid’s hospital and gave him pain killers, antibiotics, IV fluids, removed the maggots and his first of many bandages was secured, Moses began almost immediately to show his true colors. After more than 2 months of care, get ready to meet someone adorable.


Thank you for helping save his life. And for the hurting sweethearts to come, please donate.


Dog dizzy with pain from swollen head recovers


We could see from a distance that this disoriented and stumbling street dog was deeply troubled. As our rescue team approached we could see that her face and head were swollen so acutely that the ridge of her nose was disappearing within the puffed surface of her eye sockets and cheeks. Her eyes were filled with confusion and pain. Though a small wound on her throat was visible when we rescued her, we had no idea what was really wrong.



Once on the treatment table at Animal Aid, everything became clear. Pauline was suffering from a massive infection caused by maggots buried inside the flesh of her neck. Removing the worms was accomplished within hours but the wound would take five weeks to heal. Pauline is a shy older girl who was never became completely comfortable being touched. But she seemed to know she was in loving hands because within the weeks that followed, Pauline’s wound not only healed, but her happiness blossomed and she shares her heart through her radiant smile.

Pauline would have died without urgent help. Thank you so much for making sure she got it in time.


Please donate for street animal rescue in India.


Dog Suffocating From Collapsed Lung

The young men who take care of street dog Tony anxiously pointed the way into a dark store room where Tony was hiding. When our team arrived, one of the boys asked the rescuers “Will he live?” It was one of the worst injuries we’d ever seen, but we told him we would try our best to save him. Tony stood very still, probably terrified by his inability to breath properly. We could hear the air coming out of the hole in his side.


This is a video about the real meaning of “emergency” because without immediate emergency surgery, Tony would have likely died within just a couple of hours. After Tony was started on oxygen and sedated, our vet closed the hole puncturing his chest wall, and then inserted a tube to remove the air filling the space around his lungs that had caused them to collapse, so that his lungs could expand and he could breath normally again.

The wound was very dirty and needed to be thoroughly cleaned before we could suture it all back together.

The result? Watch for yourself as Tony, fully healed, lightens up your screen.

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23/1/18: News and Petition.

23/1/18 NEWS


Irish Calf Exports – from Jane.

Hi Everyone

There is still no confirmation from Stena that they have sourced a suitable replacement vessel to carry the Rosslare to Cherbourg calf trade.

The ICMSA’s chairperson is getting very irate about the situation – 22/01/18 :-

An immediate announcement on the state of Ireland’s live calf export facilities has been called for by the chairperson of the Irish Creamery Milk Suppliers Association’s (ICMSA’s) Livestock Committee Des Morrisson.

” It is absolutely essential that a replacement shipping facility is secured and confirmed as soon as possible, as the Stena Horizon goes into dry dock for maintenance for a number of weeks during the calving season, Morrisson explained.”

Commenting on the matter, he said: “There will be over 1.5 million calves born between now and the end of May and it absolutely essential that the shipping issue is resolved – and that an announcement is made publicly.

We have to know that we have the means and capacity to get our calves to the buyers and markets waiting for them.”

“The ICMSA acknowledges the efforts made by both the industry and department on this matter; but, we want to know that the shipping issue has been resolved – because, that’s hugely important in terms of setting a floor price for calves this spring.”

“There is a strong demand for our calves in the EU and there can’t be any questions or doubts about access to this market on the very cusp of this critical three-month period.”

Previously, a spokesperson for the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine confirmed that the department was in “active and ongoing discussions with shipping companies in relation to possible alternative options for carrying livestock trucks” during the period when the Stena Horizon will be unavailable.

“As these involve commercial decisions on behalf of the companies involved, it is not appropriate for the department to comment further at this time,” the spokesperson added.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for Stena Line also previously explained that it has chartered a vessel as a temporary replacement ship for the Stena Horizon. But, fulfilling the necessary requirements to gain permission to carry live export trucks on the crossing has proved difficult.

Concluding, it added that it was working hard at the time to find a suitable solution.




The roro ferry Arrow was previously named  as being a prospective replacement if it passed. But at the moment she appears to be sailing between  Lerwick and Aberdeen and nowhere near Rosslare ! If Arrow is not suitable hope they come up with something very soon and don’t think of land bridges and the Joline. This would be costly and they have already abandoned the idea of flying calves from Shannon as too expensive.

Love Jane xx



UK – Breaking news: Bowood slaughterhouse workers plead guilty to animal cruelty offences!

In late 2014, Animal Aid placed fly-on-the-wall cameras inside Bowood Yorkshire Lamb abattoir in Thirsk, North Yorkshire. Our cameras found horrific, illegal abuse of animals.

Three slaughtermen and one former company Director have now pleaded guilty to animal cruelty offences. The charge against a fifth defendant was dropped.

Whilst sentencing has been adjourned until March, we are very pleased that justice will finally be done.

Bowood is one of fourteen slaughterhouses that Animal Aid has investigated since 2009. We have placed hidden cameras in slaughterhouses that claim to be ‘high welfare’, as well as conventional and non-stun. In almost all we found evidence of law-breaking. This included incidents of deliberate animal cruelty, such as men stubbing cigarettes out on pigs’ faces, animals having their throats hacked whilst fully conscious, stunning tools being used to torture animals, animals being thrown, and more.

The best way you can show your objection to such vile treatment of animals is to stop supporting the cruel slaughter industry and go vegan. You can order a free ‘Go Vegan’ pack,  which contains all of the information you need to start cutting animal products out of your diet.

Thank you very much for your continued support for our work, including our investigative work. We could never have achieved this progress without your support.

Best wishes,

Isobel Hutchinson


USA  – Idaho Will Ask For More Taxpayers Money To Kill Wolves – Take Action.

Dear Mark,

If you love wolves, we need your help now.

On January 25th, the Idaho Wolf Control Board will be asking the state legislature for even more money from taxpayers to fund their killing of wolves.

Stand with Defenders in the fight to project Idaho’s wolves.

During the first three years of the Wolf Control Board’s lethal removal program, over $1.2 million in taxpayer money was used for the sole purpose of killing wolves.

Mark, in that time 177 wolves have been killed. Despite the tragic loss of life, there has been no reduction in livestock losses – the reason the control board was developed! This careless killing of wolves has to stop now!

It’s a proven fact: Wolves and people CAN share the landscape. Nonlethal coexistence measures pioneered by Defenders across the American West – like using livestock guard dogs, range riders and wolf-deterrent fencing – are not only more cost effective, they’re better at keeping animals out of harm’s way.

Enough is enough. Your urgent support for Defenders of Wildlife will help us continue the fight to protect wolves and other vulnerable wildlife.

Idaho’s wolves have been in mortal danger since Congress stripped them of federal protection in 2011. Since Idaho took over their management, the number of breeding pairs has plummeted and nearly 2,000 wolves have been killed – more than any other state in the Lower 48.

Defenders is the only national organization with staff on the ground in Idaho who not only helped restore wolves in the 1990s but are still actively working against such harmful programs at the statehouse and with the state wildlife commission.

Your urgent support will help us fight to end Idaho’s rogue war on wolves.

Please help – before it’s too late.

For the wolves,

Jamie Rappaport Clark
President, Defenders of Wildlife



USA:  Trump Aims To Open Floodgates On Oil Drilling In The Polar Bears Arctic.


Hi Mark, Polar bear cubs born last fall are emerging now from dens, beginning a fight for survival in which the odds are stacked against them. As climate change accelerates, sea ice is melting beneath their feet. Many are already starving to death. Brutally disregarding the plight of the polar bear, Trump aims to open the floodgates on oil drilling in the heart of the polar bears’ Arctic. We’re fighting with all we’ve got to keep polar bears safe, and you can help us. Please join the Wild Uprising by making a monthly gift today. Even before Trump’s latest attack on the Arctic, scientists were projecting the species could be all but wiped out by 2050.

Now Trump wants to open all our coastlines to drilling — including the Alaskan Arctic. Drilling offshore in the Far North would spell disaster: A spill is inevitable and would be impossible to clean up.

With you by our side, we’ll mobilize a resistance to protect all our coastlines and keep humpback whales, sea turtles and other ocean wildlife from going extinct.

The Center’s been in this fight from the beginning, and we’ll never back down.

In 2008 we won protection for polar bears under the Endangered Species Act. In 2010 our work spurred the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to protect 120 million acres of the bears’ habitat — the largest critical habitat designation in Endangered Species Act history. In 2016, after a challenge by the state of Alaska, we won back the bears’ habitat protections in a momentous victory.

We’re already fighting in the courts against Trump’s assault on oceans and marine wildlife and to make sure Arctic, West Coast and Atlantic waters stay closed to dangerous drilling. Oil exploration puts bears directly at risk — more drilling leads to more spills.

Keep Big Oil out of the Arctic and save polar bears before it’s too late. Become a member of the Wild Uprising by making a monthly gift.

For the wild,



Kierán Suckling
Executive Director
Center for Biological Diversity
P.S. Help the Center keep up the fight for polar bears and other wildlife threatened by Trump’s attacks on the wild. Join the Wild Uprising with a monthly donation.



EU to ‘stick two fingers up’ and STEAL fish if UK takes back control of seas post-Brexit

The EU claims not to be punishing the UK because of Brexit – like Yeah, Reckon ! – they are trying to do anything they can to punish !



USA – He was a big sushi fan. Then he pulled a 5-foot tapeworm from his body


Sign: Justice for Tiny Kitten Set On Fire by Cruel Sadist

When a woman in Gore, NZ came home from work one recent afternoon, she found the unthinkable: Her 4-month-old-kitten Haezel was lying on the ground with her fur burned to a crisp, moaning in pain.

Petition Link –