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EU: Massive Demo In Brussels On 22/1/18. Live Animal Transports Must Change.

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Please note the date, time and location of this demonstration – SAV. 

Dear Mark,

The Animal Welfare Party of Germany, the group Lebenshilfe Kuh & Co e.V., the organization Black Forest for Animals e.V. and others, are organizing a demo in front of the European Parliament in Brussels on January 22nd, 2018 at 2:00 pm.

Until now, many people have committed binding, and 1,800 are interested.

I think, this demo is necessary.

I send you directly the text in English, which can be found in the face book page of the main organizers, Lebenshilfe Kuh & Co e.V.

With a high probability, we will be many at that day.


Liebe Grüße




We will raise our voice for the ANIMALS!

BE THERE: The demonstration will take place on January 22nd 2018, at 2:00 PM in front of the EU parliament in Brussels.

We call on the Parliament in Brussels to forbid these murderous animal transports, not only within the EU, but in country’s that are approved by the EU, for example Lebanon, Egypt and Turkey as well! It is the European Parliaments’ responsibility!

We invite you all to this demonstration in front of the EU parliament building in Brussels.

Together we unite to end all of the animal transports, including the ones that cross our national borders!

Please take the time to join us, and raise your voices for the animals…. NOW!
We will post more details and updates about the course of events here on this site!
For more details please contact Sonja ,


WIR erheben unsere Stimme für die TIERE !

Seid dabei: PROTESTKUNDGEBUNG am 22.01.2018 um 14 Uhr ! vor dem EU Parlament in Brüssel.

Wir fordern das Europäische Parlament auf, diese mörderischen Tiertransporte sowohl innerhalb der EU, als auch von der EU abgesegnet in Länder wie z.B. den Libanon oder Ägypten, Türkei zu verbieten ! Die Verantwortung liegt beim EU Parlament!

Wir laden Euch zu dieser PROTESTKUNDGEBUNG direkt vor dem EU Parlament in Brüssel ein!

Um mit uns gemeinsam für den STOP DER TIERTRANSPORTE auch über nationale Grenzen hinweg zu protestieren!
Dies soll und wird eine FRIEDLICHE KUNDGEBUNG werden.

Weitere detaillierte Informationen über den Ablauf werden immer hier gepostet und aktuell gehalten: 



England: Charlie Moores Discusses Activism In 2017 With Dominic Dyer.

Activism in 2017 | Dominic Dyer

“…activism shouldn’t become a penance – its got to be something you embrace because it’s a positive development in your life, it brings joy and happiness, excitement and innovation and change – it shouldn’t be something that has to be done because we’re all doomed and we’re all going to hell in a handcart…”

The badger cull, foxhunting, shooting, and the rise of veganism.

What direction is activism going in, and just how important was the snap general election in mid-June?


Charlie Moores discusses activism in 2017 with Dominic Dyer, chief-executive of Badger Trust and Senior Policy Advisor Born Free Foundation.




For those of you who are not familiar with Dom; you can see him doing the introduction in the following video – the  Taiji Protest for the Dolphins, London.



England: DOTS – Helping Dogs With Homeless Owners Get Full Veterinary Care.


SAV Comment-

A really great start to 2018 – helping dogs with homeless owners – full checks for their animal buddies !

In the UK stray dogs are not really a problem.  Chipping is now a regulation and so  dogs are usually reunited with owners within hours if they are separated. 

This excellent charity has been set up to help dogs who have owners who are homeless and live on the streets.  Lots of street people have animals; and this ensures that dogs etc get a review and check up if they need it. Excellent !



DOTS = Dogs On The Streets.


Dogs On The Streets (DOTS) is on the road to helping even more animals in need, thanks to a new vet van.

The acquisition means the charity’s volunteer vets, groomers, nurses and trainers will be able to reach out to even more homeless hounds in London and beyond.

Founded by Michelle Clark in March 2017, DOTS is the first not-for-profit, independent and voluntary run “street project″ delivering ongoing vet support to London’s homeless community, it said.

Street scene

Static street stations manned by volunteer vets, nurses, groomers and trainers provide a lifeline to homeless people and their pets.

Routine veterinary check-ups, blood tests and biopsies can be conducted in the van, in addition to the provision of medicine and ongoing care for chronic conditions.

Volunteers are also on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week in the event of an emergency.

Vital care is already provided to more than 140 street dogs living in Westminster, Camden, Shoreditch, parts of north London and Kent via the charity.

New era

The vet van was unveiled at one of the charity′s weekly “static street station” events on The Strand in December.

Actor and animal welfare campaigner Peter Egan was on hand to officially declare the vet van open.

DOTS director Michelle Clark is thrilled with the donated van. She said: “It will give us the opportunity to help many more homeless owners and their dogs – not only in London, but further afield.

“It will make treatment and diagnosis easier, with the best vet equipment, refrigeration, kennel and extra space to help us work more efficiently – and, in the event of an emergency, have wheels.”

The charity also supplies homeless owners with essential items, such as dog food, dog coats, bedding, collars, leads and toys.

For more information, visit the DOTS website

Gallery – 








England: Old London Town Fireworks 2017 Into 2018.



Fireworks for new year (2017 into 2018) in Ol’ London town.

The bell tower (Big Ben – which is actually the name of the bell) shrouded in scaffolding this year due to major renovation works – and for the next 5 years.

The big circular wheel is the ‘London Eye’ – a visitor ‘must’ giving panoramic views all over London.

The second half of the show featured musical tracks only from female artists – to celebrate 100 years of women getting the vote in the UK. 

Power to women !


Enjoy !



Who Knows – today they may be animal rights campaigners !