Germany / Morocco. Animals At Peace / Morocco Meeting Update.


When I saw the animals in this video, and how peaceful and responsible they are to each other, I suddenly realized what psychopaths around us live, who call themselves “hunters”, and who are nothing but mentally ill murderers.






4/1/18- Update news from Amal;


Relating tour recent post regarding Morocco.


Dear All,

I wish you all the best for the New Year 2018, and hope that together we can achieve victories for Animals in Morocco and Africa.

On the 27 December, we had a very productive meeting with partners (RAF) and Onssa (Moroccan OIE).

You can find the update on attached documents below.

One is in French, the 2sd is translated via google translation in English. Please forgive me if some words are not correct.

A 1st list of Professional associations has been sent by the Regional Representative of the Onssa to the RAF. We hope to get some of the decision makers at the next meeting that will take place on February the 10th in Rabat.

If you have any advices. We are aware that the challenge is absolutely huge but we keep on going, with your support.

Best Regards,



Amal El Bekri

S/G Rapad Maroc (Morocco)

Member of the UN Major Group

Anaw & Paawa Representative

North Africa Region

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