UK: BBC ‘Winterwatch. A Daily Visit To British Wildlife.

The BBC has, quite rightly, an international reputation for producing excellent wildlife programs.  Being English (and not Serbian as the site name suggests) – we can experience a lot of these throughout the year.  Every night at the moment we can view ‘Winterwatch’ – which gives an insight into British wildlife in the Winter months.  We want to share some of this with you.  Foxes, Badgers, Owls, Deer, Birds, etc, etc.



Chris Packham – see our recent post on his search for lost girl of the forest –   is one of the presenters.




Here is the main link to the Winterwatch website:


and here we are going a little bit deeper – more specific.


Program clips to get a feel for some of the natural issues covered –


Best bits from wildlife cameras –


Chris responds to a special letter –


Starling murmuration – Amazing –



Scroll to the bottom and there are 7 pages of clips and special items.

This page 2 for example –


There is lots more via the main link given above.

Enjoy !


We think and hope that this CAN be viewed by international visitors.


Winterwatch on Twitter –


France overturns ban on captive dolphin breeding. Money Means More Than The Environment !


France overturns ban on captive dolphin breeding


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France’s highest administrative court on Monday (22/1/18) overturned a ban on the breeding of dolphins in captivity, a victory for marine parks which had argued the move could put them out of business.

The previous Socialist government ordered the ban, which also applied to killer whales, last May after complaints from animal rights groups hoping to end marine and aquarium shows.

But former environment minister Segolene Royale had tightened the ban at the last minute, and failed to consult the public and others on a measure that could have forced aquariums to close.

Aquariums and parks such as Marineland in southern France—the biggest attraction of its kind in Europe—have faced growing criticism in recent years over their animals’ living conditions.

“This is excellent news for our animals and animal parks in France,” said Pascal Picot, managing director at Marineland, which appealed the decision along with the Parc Asterix amusement park north of Paris and the Wild Planet park in Western France.

The new rules would have banned the captivity of all whales, dolphins and porpoises, except for orcas and bottlenose dolphins already held in authorised aquariums—which would eventually have meant them being phased out altogether.

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Marine parks also would have had to increase the size of their pools by at least 150 percent.

Animal rights groups had hailed the measures as a first step toward ending breeding and import programmes for animal shows in France.

But Picot said “significant changes to the rules governing the treatment of our animals should be based on scientific facts, and be carried out as required by law.”

Explore further: France bans captive breeding of dolphins, killer whales


England: 11 of the Best Ol’ London Town Places for Vegan Junk Food.



11 of the Best Ol’ London Town Places for Vegan Junk Food


All vegans must be skinny right?

All they can eat is salad, so of course they must be super healthy too.

Well actually no, whilst many dairy products are the source of highly calorific foods like cheese and butter, vegans can still roll around in all the oil and sugar they please without compromising their beliefs.

So, read on as we shed some light on some the most indulgent and vegan friendly foods in London.