USA: Tillerson May Sucker To Trump, But ExxonMobil Needs To Come Clean About Climate Change. Action Link Below.

‘Clean’ ?  – ExxonMobil Billings Refinery


Tell ExxonMobil to follow through on its promise to provide details on how climate change risks will impact its business.

ExxonMobil is Feeling the Pressure

ExxonMobil is feeling the pressure from the public and shareholders to stop supporting climate deception and begin planning for a low-carbon future—let’s keep the pressure going!

Tell ExxonMobil it’s time to plan for climate change.

You’ve helped us shine a light on ExxonMobil’s funding of anti-climate lobbying groups like the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), and the message is getting through. When ALEC drafted a resolution last month calling on the Environmental Protection Agency to withdraw its science-based finding that global warming emissions are endangering the planet, Exxon opposed the resolution, distancing itself publicly from ALEC’s anti-climate stance. The resolution was eventually dropped.

Days later, in response to a shareholder-approved resolution that called on the company to report on how it is aligning its business with global climate action, ExxonMobil announced that its board will provide shareholders details on climate change risks and impacts to its business.

Unfortunately, ExxonMobil’s announcement to disclose climate risks is short on details. ExxonMobil should develop a business plan that takes climate science and the risks of fossil fuel investment seriously. And, while ExxonMobil called out ALEC on this instance of climate science disinformation, the company continues to fund them—despite ALEC’s track record of climate change denial. Additionally, just this week, ExxonMobil took the first steps toward suing state and local governments who are moving to hold energy companies accountable for the impacts of climate change.

ExxonMobil needs to know that we’re still watching, and that lip service isn’t enough.

Tell ExxonMobil to walk the talk on climate change and truly align their business with climate action.

One critical first step is to follow through on its promise to provide details on how climate change will impact its business.

Yours sincerely,
Ortal Ullman
Outreach Coordinator
Climate & Energy Program
Union of Concerned Scientists



USA; Wake Up And Do Something About Him ! – But Do Republicans Care ?


Serbia: Milica Is On The Streets. She Needs A Forever Home Or Sponsorship To Keep Her Safe From The Dogcatchers. Can You Help ? – See Facebook Link Below.


She is living on the streets and has nothing and nobody.

One very kind rescuer, Andjelka Matijevic helps her by feeding her and she has had her spayed already to ensure she doesnt end up pregnant to some other street dog bringing more unwanted pups into the world.

But, this gentle quiet dog needs a home. She has no sponsors, nothing.

Maybe because she isnt aesthetically as beautiful as many other cute and fluffy dogs, but this is one very special diamond girl. She loves children, and plays beautifully with them. She adores other dogs, and has no issue at all with any other dog. We have no idea how she would react to cats, but bearing in mind she lives on the streets, Im sure she has learned to live alongside the many cats and other dogs on the streets whilst she seeks out some small pittance of survival.

She is helped with food most days by the very kind Andjelka Matijevic, but she has no chance and never will have unless somebody can offer her a loving forever home. She will spend the rest of her life, whether thats long or short on the street unless she gets a chance of a new life.

A more gentle, affectionate dog you couldnt wish to meet. This is a lovely lovely girl who needs a home. Please think about giving her a chance. Just one little chance is all she needs to turn her very sad abandoned life around

If you can offer her a home, or even sponsorship to be safe in pension and off the streets, its just 50euros per month or £46 UK to keep her safe in a pension every month

… so she doesnt risk being hit by a car or even poisoned by the public, or caught by the dog catchers.

If you can offer one of the above solutions, please contact the very kind Andjelka Matijevic to let her know you are interested in helping sweet Milica.

Do one good thing this year, help a dog in need if you can.

Facebook link for enquiries –





UK Government Attempts To Lead The Way Regarding Plastic Pollution.

Prime Minister Theresa May has pledged to eradicate all avoidable plastic waste in the UK by 2042.

The commitment is part of the government’s 25-year plan to improve the natural environment.

Under the government’s plan, supermarkets will be urged to introduce “plastic-free” aisles while taxes and charges on single-use items such as takeaway containers will be considered.

Mrs May said she would put the oceans firmly on the agenda of the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in April.

She said: “Today I can confirm that the UK will demonstrate global leadership. We must reduce the demand for plastic, reduce the number of plastics in circulation and improve our recycling rates.”

Greenpeace said the announcements on plastics were “a missed opportunity”, with a particular omission being no plans for a deposit return scheme for plastic bottles, which the group said was shown to work well.

He (Minister Gove) added that Brexit would not result in a reduction in environmental protection: “I’ve already said that we want to set the global gold standard when it comes to the environment, and for animal welfare.”


SAV Comment –

Another issue of the UK doing what the EU does not have the balls to do.  As we have said before, after Brexit the UK will enforce even better animal welfare legislation. Can we suggest (pictures below) a few who should look, listen and learn about plastic pollution from what the UK is setting out – money is not the solution to all problems; it probably creates most of them.  UK campaigners don’t give up – and they eventually get the changes required.  Trump; you can smirk; your future is in doubt now.




USA: Positive Long Term News For Reef Fish ?

Aloha Mark,

Last year, with the help of thousands of Turtle Island Restoration Network supporters, we urged Hawaiian state legislators to support a bill that would have ended the unsustainable aquarium trade in reef fish.

The aquarium trade snatches wild fish from coral reefs, puts them in plastic bags, and ships them off to be sold for private aquariums. As you can imagine, a staggering 99% of these animals die within a year and require replacement.

Some activists have estimated that half a million fish are caught every month by this industry. Our coral reefs simply can not handle this extraction – the fish need to stay on the reef where they belong!

The bill made it through both houses and ended up on Governor David Ige’s desk where, much to our disappointment, he vetoed it.

Fortunately, a separate litigation track was underway by an allied organization.

Last week, in response to a favorable court ruling, the Hawai`i Department of Land and Natural Resources announced that no aquatic life may be taken for commercial aquarium purposes off West Hawai‘i until an environmental review is completed.

Stopping the aquarium trade will help protect Hawaii’s magnificent marine fish including yellow tangs, Potter’s angelfish, blueline butterflyfish, moorish idols, and so many more.

Let’s celebrate this victory!

But as with any victory, we must stay vigilant, especially as the environmental review is conducted.

Stay tuned for how you can help us watchdog the environmental review process to make sure that Hawaiian coral reefs are truly protected from this devastating industry.


Cheryl King, Hawai`i Program Director
Turtle Island Restoration Network


Above Photos 1: Bruce Weyermann / Photo 2: Robert Wintner