Serbia: Time To Make The Press Accountable – Your Assistance Required.


UPDATE 10/2/18


The following photos are in relation to a private dogcatcher firm named Avenija MB.

This firm has political support by leading political parties, and it works in 52 municipality cities all over Serbia.

These photos show how this leading dogcatcher firm work.


They put 20-30 dogs (sometimes as many as 49) into this trailer and transport them from locations all over Serbia.

The dogs are in-microchipped, in-vaccinated, and when put together in this trailer, there is much fighting.  Yes, 30+ dogs crammed into this trailer.


This procedure is in opposition to Serbian laws, but the political parties support this way of dealing with the street dog issue.

Sadly in Serbia, there is no independent media to really take up the fight for animal advocates.  It is a mafia type system making lots of money out of dog catching; when the money should really be put into sterilisation and the reduction of dog numbers on the streets.

As we have said before; there are some people who are making big money out of this business operation, and by ignoring the laws of the land.


Here (for example) is video footage from animal friends Vier Pfoten (Austrian AW organisation) taken back in 2008.

 The dog has been fully treated by VP – which includes being sterilised, microchipped and vaccinated against Rabies.  To show this, the dog has a Red button tag fitted to ear to clearly identify to dog catchers that it has been fully sterilised and vaccinated.

Regardless of all the treatment and a clearly visible red ear tag, the dog is still darted ready for capture and disposal by a balaclava wearing dog catcher !   – He is also clearly visible in the video:



This video above was taken 10 Years Ago !! – and nothing in Serbia has progressed for animals and their welfare.

So, dogs being sterilised and vaccinated by animal welfare organisations – something which the Serbian government should really be doing in order to reduce street dog numbers; and still the dog caching organisations (working for the authorities) ignore the red button ear tag and continue to catch the dog as part of their ‘collections’.  This dog, like all the others, has a bounty on its head; the companies and / or authorities will be paid a dividend from the taxpayers contributions to government to get this dog off the streets.  Money, time and effort wasted by VP (Austria) for sterilisation and vaccination; and yet more money rolling in to authorities and management from the Serbian government to cover the capture and killing of this dog.

As we have said so many times; the government and authorities do NOT want to adopt a stray / street dog sterilisation because over time it will reduce stray dog numbers; thus solving a long term problem for Serbia.  By not sterilising dogs, the authorities can guarantee that there will be a constant new source of street dogs for them to capture and claim back official money from the government – the head bounty.  Where does the money go ? – ask the seniors who run this style of a system.

The money being paid out by the government as ‘head count bounties’ for each dog caught and killed, would more than support the finances required for a national long term sterilisation and vaccination programme.  But the government and authorities do not want to know about this. 

Why ? – because some people are maybe living very comfortably thank you from the system the way it currently operates.


The following are videos of Avenija MB, who catch and put dogs into this unlawful trailer.

The dogs are then often transported long distances – 500 to 1,000km.  They go in all seasons, including Winter and Summer.

As you can see in the video above (dog with red ear tag), they still catch dogs that are fully identified as being sterilised and vaccinated.

The owner of this private firm is Mrs Andjelija Stevanovic; which is allegedly operated with her son Mr Nenad Stevanovic. 

We are informed that they have very close links with a politician named  Mr  Zoran Babic – who we are informed is also the Director of a National firm named Koridor  Srbije.  Mr Babic is a very close friend of the President of Serbia Mr.Aleksandar Vucic.

As we say; any wonder why there is no enthusiasm for a national sterilisation programme !!!




A campaign has now started in Serbia which is aimed at getting the Press and media to adopt a different attitude to the way they deal with the issue of stray dogs.

Their approach has always been very negative; yet they do very little, if anything, to show up the Serbian governments attitude of what they should be doing under Serbian constitutional law – providing stray dogs with care.


Below is a copy of the letter which has been submitted to the Journalists Association of Serbia.  It fully describes how people are feeling about the Serbian press / media coverage regarding stray dogs.

** ACTION ** – This is where we need your (international) supporter help with this campaign.


These are the e mail addresses to which we would like you to send mails.

You could send a copy of this post by selecting and copying the post link at the top of this article.


We need to make it very clear to the Press that they are NOT doing their job.


Mails to go to the following: ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;


Rather that constantly attacking the dogs on the streets, the Journalists Association is in an ideal situation to both show the lack of government / regional authority compliance with Serbian law – and also to put pressure on the government and authorities that sterilisation on a mass national level is the only way that the number of strays is ever going to be reduced.

We know, and have proven so many times on this site, that there are a lot of people in important positions in government and regional government who are making a great deal of money out of the continual rounding up and killing of street dogs.  Without undertaking sterilisation there is a constant supply of street dogs to be captured and killed – and very productive bounties paid to some in authority for doing it.

People in power do NOT want a reduction in the number of street dogs; otherwise their corrupt income will reduce.  They say ‘to hell’ with the Constitutional Court (of Serbia) and what it says.  This careless and non compliance with enforcing the national law makes it look as if Serbia is in an ideal position to become an EU member state – simply because the EU Commissions do very little to enforce EU law also when it comes to animals and their welfare.  Reg 1/2005 and all that.

Here is the open letter which has been produced by Serbian campaigners and which we are asking you to support by sending a copy of this post or the letter to the e mail addresses given above.


Open Letter:

Journalists’ Association of Serbia

Independent Journalists’ Association of Serbia


Open letter

Respected Sir/Madam,

We are deeply disappointed, indignant and disgusted by the media prosecution that has been occurred for years against homeless dogs.

Homeless dogs are in the media mentioned exclusively and only in a negative connotation, to widespread sensationalist news about bites of dangerous, raging dogs from horrid packs, which are always called “strays”, following  with titles like “Dread”, “Horror”,
“Dog bite a child”, “Dogs attacked a mother with a kid”, etc.

Those types of texts are accompanied with images of huge dogs with wide open jaws, taken from Internet, which are not connected at all with the text. Such texts are superficial, without any details, do not point at the source of real problem, and their target is always the homeless dog, even when they are about dogs who do have owners and make false charges of dog bites.

There are many of these false charges because of high money compensation, which is drawn from municipal budgets. The truth is always befogged.

Such manner of reporting, superficial and wrongful, leads to spreading of hate among citizens toward dogs, and have dangerous long term consequences.

Brutal behavior to dogs that has owners or homeless dogs is immense, even without spreading of hate. This kind of journalism only encourages that hate. So, inhumane society emerges, which has no compassion for the weaker beings and primitivism is promoted.

If the reason for such warmonger texts is to increase newspapers circulation, per system – sensational news sell newspapers (which certainly is not justified and sludge the role of journalist profession), why then sensational news are not also: “Kids set on fire puppies in the school yard”, “Teenagers pushed a firecracker in a mouth of homeless dog and light it”, “Man hanged dog with a belt”, “Puppy’s legs cut off”, “Dying  dog thrown into a garbage container alive”, “Hunters in Kosovska Mitrovica killed 20 homeless dogs on the streets”, “Dogs in the shelter in Vršac eat each other”, “Mass poisoning of dogs in Serbian towns”…..

Isn’t this news? Or this news is unattractive to the media? Why?

Spreading hatred towards dogs by the media has many consequences. Besides that encourage brutality towards dogs, it also encourages the hatred of citizens towards animal welfare volunteers, so people are divided on being either haters and lovers.

This leads to a conflict and create a false image that Animal Welfare Associations aims to have dogs on streets because they feed them and remove from streets, for which they need money funds.

Unfortunately, there are no texts about positive examples of their humanity, rescues, adoptions and how they invest their own money, time and work. This topic is not popular.

Homeless dogs are very often in the media when there is need to publish interviews with the director of Public Communal Company and managers of incorrectly named companies “zoo-hygiene’s” – in which they denounce crimes in their facilities, torture of dogs, stilling food and money funds for animal “humane care”, dog slaughter, and how hungry dogs eat each other in there public shelters. Like in the cases of shelters in Loznica, Požega, Vršac, Ovča etc, etc.

With this one-side reporting is encouraging corruption, which in the domain of Zoo-hygiene and “humane care” already exceeds inconceivable limits. No one is interested in the corruption or not dare to write a text on this topic. But, that corruption is the cause and essence of everything what is happening.

Homeless dogs are the golden cocks and collateral damage of our society; the media proclaimed them as the number one enemy of our nation, fear and hatred is growing among the citizens, the public is mislead how dogs creates enormous costs for the state – all this is excuse to steal money from municipal budgets for their fake “humane care”.

Money, of course, goes into human private pockets and these poor hated beings are not important at all.

Why this is not an article topic? Is research journalism gone?

Why is not a topic over 3000 dog kennels and that only 3 are registered in APR?

This is the reason why many dogs end up in streets and increase the number of homeless animals, sadly this problem doesn’t bother the Veterinary Directorate, which is in charge to control the welfare of dogs in kennels.

Would it not be a sensational story about rackets and people who have jobs but don’t have to pay taxes?

Isn’t it sensational news how dog-catchers attack an animal welfare activist and civilians, as well how Avenija MB insults the citizens, how the municipal authorities, who have with Avenija MB a suspicious contract about purchases, insult animal welfare activists, there revanchism, threats??????

These apparently are not topics about which citizens – who finance municipal budgets and their thievery in the name of “humane care of homeless dogs”, as well by local authorities and Public Communal Company “Zoo-hygiene” – should read and know.

For them stories are about bites, spreading hatred and calling to lynch homeless dogs, who are not guilty because people abandon them, throw them onto the street, because “Zoo-hygiene’s” don’t do their job honestly, with love and respect the Animal Welfare Law, and because they are born in the society in which offenders who do not respect laws are unpunished.

This is also a topic to be talked about in the media, concerning these “dangerous strays”.

If a role of the media is to inform us truthfully, to educate and ennoble, then on this subject, for now, they fail.

We sincerely hope there is will for change and that media coverage about homeless dogs, instead of perpetual talking about “strays”, will stop repetition of same many-decade-old mantra – Dog bites, Horror – while municipality budget funds for solving the problem of homeless dogs are being devoured and their number is growing, and nothing is done to find the solution.

The role of the media to solve the problem of homeless dogs in the streets of Serbia is extremely important, but it seems that the media are not interested to personally take some responsibility. We hope that will be changes on this topic.
Otherwise, the vicious cycle of nonsense and inhumanity will continue.

These are some of the titles…


Best regards,
With hope that many things will change.



Animal Welfare and Nature Protection Associations


PRIJATELJ  Ub, zastupnik Suzana Gojković

SOLIDARNO ZA ŽIVOTINJE I PRIRODU Beograd, zastupnik Aleksandra Dudić

BELKA Majdanpek, zastupnik Igor Janković

SPASKE Kraljevo, zastupnik Danijela Jović

ORPAK Kruševac, zastupnik Lela Bucek

BORSKE ŠAPE Bor, zastupnik Nikola Nedeljković

TERA Zemun

BORBA ZA ŽIVOT Vranje, zastupnik Tanja Lakičević

PROTEKTA Vlasotince, zastupnik Borka Mitić

BOBI  Gornji Milanovac


KOALICIJA ZA ŽIVOT NO KILL COALITION Beograd, zastupnik Mirjana Raščanin

KOALICIJA ZA ŽIVOT NO KILL COALITION ogranak Dimitrovgrad, zastupnik Melita Stavrev.

EPAR-OIPA SRBIJA, Subotica, zastupnik Prim. mr. sci. dr. med. Slavica Mazak Bešlić



You can find out a great deal more on the cruelty inflicted by the Serbian government and regional authorities – the money making dog killers who seem to be ignored by the press in their coverage, by visiting  the following

– in our opinion the press would have a lot to cover if they wished; but are they also being told to keep quiet about it all and only to cover stories on those terrible street dogs ?

How far does this go ? – right to the very top we would suggest !


The following is about 20% of the data we have on our campaign work in Serbia over the last 12 years or more.

Mr Press – we hope that with the following you would have been able to throw a story or 100 together about how corrupt the Serbian animal welfare system is regarding street dog catching and killing by the authorities. 

But you seem incapable of telling the truth.  Who we ask, is stopping you ?

Browse through the following links; if you are REAL Press people then maybe you can do some follow ups on these.  If you don’t, then we know exactly who pulls your strings !


And so we need to let the world  know, as we do –

A few (Say 20%) of our past posts:–-a-move-to-improvements-in-serbian-zoo-animals-living-conditions-using-the-eu-commission/



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