UK: This Week Is National Vegetarian Week.


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This week is UK National Vegetarian Week.

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Have a look at the following links and enjoy your trip around the sites, seeing how you can still really enjoy your food whilst ditching animal suffering at the same time.  Win win !

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What’s happening –

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Vegetarian Society –

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Joss Stone –

 veggie week 6

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vegan go vegan

meat out

And for those who still enjoy ‘manly meat’ – Enjoy your steak !!!

From our friends at

Dear Mark,

The American appetite for meat — which is 4 times the global average — is eating away at wild habitat, water and even our climate. Yet while other governments have taken specific steps to recommend diets lower in meat and dairy, the U.S. Department of Agriculture continues to cater to the livestock industry, leaving sustainability out of important policy conversations like our national dietary guidelines.

Think about it: Americans eat 50 billion pounds of meat a year, yet our farms don’t even produce enough fruits and vegetables to meet the 2.5 cups a day recommended in the national dietary guidelines. Something is wrong with this picture.

It’s time for the USDA to create a plan to address the urgent need for Americans to reduce meat and dairy consumption and eat a healthy, sustainable diet. National guidelines on diets have enormous influence on how people eat, including in schools and government facilities.

Join us in urging the USDA to issue a public statement and plan of action to promote a sustainable American diet.

Click here to take action and get more information.




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