3/3/18 – World Wildlife Day.


Dear Mark,
Today is the World Wildlife Day.


This day was launched in 2013 to draw attention to the loss of biodiversity. As a date, the initiators chose March 3, the anniversary of the signing of the Washington Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES).

If we take stock today of the stock of wildlife, we would not only be sad, we would be demoralized.
In Indonesia, the orangutans die every day; their trees, their earth, their food disappear every day.

Because a “wild animal” called man makes dirty business with palm oil and wood.
Trade in endangered species flourishes in the black market,
especially in Asia. In Asian medicine, the body parts of large cats for various alchemical purposes are used to increase potency up to the remedy for rheumatism and arthritis.
Originally this superstition especially threatened the tiger. Due to the great demand, however, other large cat species, such as the African lion or the jaguar, are increasingly being poached as “substitutes”.

The stock of lion stock is estimated at about 18,000 to 32,000 copies. The survivors are spread over 27 African countries and India. In 26 other states, the lion is already extinct. In West Africa, he is even considered “threatened with extinction”. Trafficking in offspring in South Africa is unfortunately still possible with permits.

The main reason for the extinction of most wildlife is the criminal dominance of the people in their kingdom.
People are becoming more and more, they multiply indiscriminately, animals are becoming less and less.


Even more dramatic is the situation for the cheetahs. His disappearance is only a matter of time. Her stock is estimated at only 6900 animals. Their habitat is constantly being deprived of humans. The little ones are being illegally traded as domestic trolls, especially in Arab countries, and many are dying during transport.
And what can one say about the biggest cat of prey in the world of animals: the tiger?
It is said that there are only 3000 animals left in the world!! The reasons are the same as almost all wildlife: loss of their habitat, poaching, charlatans in Asian medicine who still sell tiger’s bones and teeth as a hypocritical drug.

And when I think of one of the most beautiful wildlife, the jaguar, I remember the statistic of CITES, which said that in the 1970s 15,000 animals were killed by fur hunters a year!!!

Nevertheless, after some extraordinary efforts by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species, it has been possible to save the leopard for the moment, that is, it is not on the red list, and it is estimated that there are 60,000 animals left in Argentina and live up to Mexico.

The list of human crimes against wildlife is infinite and it does not stop.
I am thinking of the criminal (and illegal) killing of wolves in Saxony and Brandenburg, the mass murder of foxes with 500,000 victims per year, which takes place for fun and joy in the murders in Germany.


My feelings on World Wildlife Day?
Grief and pain for the animal beings, who know no wild or sadistic feelings, but are still called “savages” and are exploited without restraint.
Anger, disgust and hate for the human being, the wildest of all animals, who transforms the lives of all animals into a crematorium every day with his criminal and destructive energy.


Best regards



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