EU: Live Animal Transport – Nobody Can Answer Us – We Wonder Why ?

Regarding our post of 20/2/18 regarding the new video made by the EU on live animal transport:


We immediately wrote to DG Sante at the EU Commission; Animal Transport Guidelines Project and the Eurogroup for animals;

We said in our post of 20/2 – We will publish their responses if we get one.


We asked a simple question – that being

why then if everything is so good, are we witnessing so many EU animals suffering in transport on the journey to Turkey ?

Under Regulation 1/2005, the EU regulation allegedly ‘protecting’ animals during transport; all livestock drives have to pass a competence test and be ‘certified’ to ensure the ‘welfare’ of animals they transport   in their vehicles.  Seems they have gone off track when it comes to care for EU animals being transported to Turkey, as the video shows.  So then the EU should be prosecuting those who do not comply – yes ? – not making new cartoons about drivers taking care !


So we have given our requests a few weeks; and true to form, nobody has bothered to come back to us and express their reasons and support for the new video put out by the Animal Transport Guides Project.

And so now we are waiting on our UK MEP’s to see if they can obtain any response from the authorities as to why around 70% of livestock vehicles inspected at the Bulgarian / Turkish border were seen to be non compliant with the Regulation 1/2005 which the EU thinks will ‘protect’ animals during transport.


So, why has nobody responded to us ? – maybe they are finding it really difficult to answer the question of a 70% failure rate when their EU certified drivers should know all the rules and be fully compliant with Reg 1/2005.  Remember, as part of 1/2005, all livestock drivers are supposed to be fully certified so that they know the law about transporting live animals.

This lack of responses by ALL parties just goes to show that as we have said before, the EU wants it all to look good on paper and in videos, like this new one intended for ‘competent drivers’ who should already know the law.  The sad fact for the animals involved is that all the time, the EU and its associates such as the ATGP and the Eurogroup, simply turn in the other direction when pushed hard with real questions relating to real experiences and encounters at borders.  Such is the real reality of EU live animal transport.


All the time the EU turns its head away from the reality and fails to prosecute hard for offences; the sad reality is that things will not change, no matter how the EU wishes to ‘dress it all up’ to look good with new videos and guidelines.

As always, the EU has, does, and will continue to fail live animals in transport.

And with no responses from anyone; is it any wonder that people say the animal Mafia is at work within the EU to ensure the trade continues despite the irregularities and non compliances with the regulations.


Want some proof ?



3 Responses

  1. They never will answer.Because by doing live exports , the EU supports halal and kosher slaughters and own stonned ones, and does not want to discuss the unnecessary all forms of slaughters and Christian- stonned,and Islamic -halal and Jews-kosher. All are unnecessary and crime. Humans are frugivores.

  2. So important to keep working on this tragedy. Never let up. Fight harder.

    • Hi Dawn – many thanks for your support.
      Yup, year 27 on live export campaigns for me; so don’t think I am gonna stop now !
      All I want is an answer; even if I don’t agree with it – but for everyone to continuously ignore the evidence ?
      This is so typical of all these organisations – think they are so much better than the ‘normal’ person that they don’t even bother having to reply; they make me angry with this type of attitude.
      Waiting now to see if we can get any extra news (from Bulgaria – exit point to Turkey) regarding questions we have asked about the 70% non compliances with Reg. 1/2005. If, and as soon as we get anything; we will publish.
      Regards Mark.

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