UK: Free From The Shackles Of The EU, UK Farm Subsidies Should Be Spent On Making Farm Animals’ Lives Better.

SAV Comment – we always argued that once free from the shackles of EU law; and by taking back control; the UK could improve on so many things. 

Farm animal welfare will be one of those things.  82% of the British public want to see better animal welfare in the UK – and it is pretty good anyway ! – farmers to be paid to invest in higher animal welfare standards while ensuring they are not undercut in any new trade deals.  Shows what you can actually do when you leave the crappy EU.  If only other EU nations would vote to get out as well !


Brexit news: Farm subsidies should be spent on making farm animals’ lives better – report

BREXIT should herald a new age for animals with farmers being paid by taxpayers to improve the lives of pigs, cows and chickens, say welfare campaigners.

More than 80 per cent of consumers want post-Brexit farm subsidies used to achieve world class animal welfare and banish some of the “legal” conditions livestock endure today.The vision – contained in the report titled Into the Fold: Targeted Help for Farmers to Improve Animal Welfare – is supported by huge 82 per cent of the public.

Among the many ways taxpayers’ cash could help farmers is providing £20million a year to cover the costs of pigs’ straw bedding, a so reducing tail-biting and lesions suffered by the animals.


RSPCA head of public affairs David Bowles said: “Leaving the EU and nationalising the farming support system presents Governments with a once-in-a-generation chance to radically transform the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) into a British policy for higher animal welfare and sustainable land management.

“We have set out a highly workable two-tier proposal for farmers to be paid to invest in higher animal welfare standards while ensuring they are not undercut in any new trade deals. 

“These proposals are based on the reality of available budgets and offer pragmatic, viable solutions to enforcement and comply with World Trade rules.”

Mr Bowles added: “People in the UK care about how their food is produced and our recent survey shows a vast majority of the public (82 per cent) want to see subsidies used to improve animal welfare.


Full article –


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