China: Bear Bile Farming To End In China By 2022 ?

Proposal introduced to end Bear Bile farming in China


From Animals Asia

At the National People’s Congress and the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference meetings in March 2018 (Beijing); a proposal was raised to end bear bile farming in China by 2022 similar to the proposal put forth in Vietnam last year.


7 steps were proposed, including:


  • Banning the breeding of black bears by 2022

  • Banning bear farming by 2022

  • Eliminating everything to do with the bear industry by 2035

  • Speeding up research and approval of synthetic bear bile products

  • Working with international conventions such as CITES to improve the protection level of the black bear.


It is significant that these proposals are being raised at high level gatherings in China.

The fact alone that the motion was allowed to be made public is very encouraging.


Paws crossed that this will progress into actual legislation now.


4 Responses

  1. Let’s stay with it! We be on their case constantly for enforcement! Hallelujah!

    • Hi Dawn
      Yes it sounds promising – and fairly quick also.
      I think now they really have committed to this, so paws and fingers crossed.
      It often takes one place to get a ban rolling, then others follow.
      I also hope now for a circus ban in England !
      Cheers – Mark

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