Sambo: exploited for 15 years and finally dies, while she hauls tourists through Angkor Wat!

For 15 years, the elephant cow Sambo worked as a tourist attraction in Cambodia, until she suddenly overturned and died last Friday. According to the attending veterinarian Sambo suffered a heart attack “due to high temperatures, exhaustion and lack of wind cooling”. This is reported by the Cambodian newspaper “Phnom Penh Post”. For 40 minutes the elephant cow apparently had to carry two tourists through the temple complex Angkor Wat that day – without interruptions and in the scorching heat of 40 degrees.

The load was apparently too much for Sambo, who is said to have been between 40 and 45 years old. On the way from one temple to another, she just collapsed, the report said.
Recordings posted on Facebook show the lifeless body of the elephant lady on the roadside. As media reports, several eyewitnesses are said to have cried when they saw the majestic animal in that condition.

Animal rights activists around the world are dismayed by Sambo’s circumstances. With a petition they want to bring about the end of elephant riding in the archeology park Siem Reap.

“A cruel tourist attraction that has been proven to harm elephants and harm the tourism industry in Cambodia should be stopped,” reads the online petition website.

Lifelong misery for animals

“Tourists may think that an elephant ride on holiday does not harm anyone, but atrocities are often hidden, but what you need to realize is that what is a unique experience for you or just an item on your must-do list, lifelong misery for a wild animal, “say the initiators. More than 48,000 people have already signed the petition.

Since 2001, the elephant cow Sambo was owned by the Angkor Elephant Company. The temples of Angkor Wat are among Cambodia’s most famous sights. Tourists like to visit the ancient plant on the back of elephants. Thirteen more elephants are said to be owned by the company tourists have to carry through the temple complex, as the “Phnom Penh Post” writes. Oan Kiri, the manager of the Angkor Elphant Company, told the newspaper that the company was very upset about the elephant’s death.

A few words to this case:

Did anyone believe that the elephant company is really upset about the death of Sambo?
Not me!
Unrestrained businessmen, who use animals as their servants to collect money, do not feel sadness for their slaves if they die.
Such people have no conscience and do not know compassion for animals.
They are looking now for new slaves, and maybe the next Sambo is already ordered.
And visitors who cry, when a tortured animal lying on the street like a filth, don`t need to cry, because crying does not help.
Protesting, fighting, screaming in front of the temple against slavery that never finds an earth … that’s what the visitors have to do.

Ad we all too, everywhere we encounter this slavery.


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  2. We absolutely must interfere with the cruelty.

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