EU: Another Head In The Sand Animal Welfare ‘EU Platform’ Meeting To Take Place 21/6.

Animal welfare: third meeting of the EU platform to take place tomorrow

Tomorrow, the EU Platform on Animal Welfare will hold its third meeting. Launched in June 2017, the Platform has already become a pivotal forum for sharing information and good practices for all Member States and various stakeholders across Europe. In the past year, the involvement of the Platform’s Members has been helping the Commission in its objective of improving the welfare of animals through a better implementation of EU rules, the development of voluntary commitments and the promotion of EU animal welfare standards at a global level. The agenda of this third Platform includes a presentation of work by the subgroup on animal transport and a presentation of the scope and terms of reference of a second subgroup on the welfare of pigs. The Platform’s Members will have an in-depth discussion on the welfare of farmed fish, followed by a presentation of the Commission’s report on the impact of international activities relating to animal welfare. The Commission will also present a project for an EU Coordinated Control Plan on the online sale of cats and dogs.

The meeting will be web-streamed here and on EbS (at 9.30 CET). The agenda is available online.


And the issue of stray dogs in the EU and in the Balkans; so-called Candidate EU nations; will be discussed when:

Stray animals don’t make the EU money – animal transport does; end of ………….






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