The task of a Human is that of a guardian, a steward, not that of the exploiter. The Human has responsibility, not power.




The Selous Wildlife Reserve in Tanzania is fantastically beautiful: giraffes and elephant herds roam the savannah, hippopotamuses float in the shallow water, lions sneak through the grass on the hunt.

In the Selous Game Reserve, life pulsates – and is threatened at the same time: the elephant population has collapsed, in the sanctuary a uranium mine was approved, a reservoir threatens to destroy 1200 square kilometers of wilderness.

A planned dam in Stiegler’s Gorge would be an ecological disaster. In the heart of the UNESCO World Heritage, he is said to dam the river Rufiji.

President John Magufuli now wants to create facts and cut down 2.6 million trees.

1,500 square kilometers of forest and savannah, which would one day be largely flooded by the reservoir, are to be cut down. In mid-May companies were able to apply for the contract, 53 million euros to bring them the sale of the wood.

Environmentalists put all their efforts against the project

They fear the final destruction of the protected area, which has already been damaged. A uranium mine threatens to destroy part of the reserve. The elephant population has collapsed.

UNESCO is alerted. She has declared Selous to be “World Heritage in Danger”.

A public warning has gone unheard in Tanzania!!  In February, UNESCO sent a letter to the government – without effect.

The dam itself would cause damage downstream to the delta and mangrove forests.

200,000 people, especially farmers and fishermen, would suffer as a result.

The start of construction has announced Tanzania’s government for July, although the financing is unclear.

President Magufuli wants to be a doer who does not care about criticism.

One member of the government even threatened opponents of the project with jail.

The future of World Heritage Selous will be decided on June 24, when the World Heritage Committee will meet.

The more pressure UNESCO can put on Tanzania to protect Selous seriously, the better.

That is why we want to back up the director of the World Heritage Center, Mechtild Rössler, with as many signatures as possible.

Tanzania’s population and economy undeniably need better power. The dam project is not a solution and should be deleted.

Please sign our petition for the protection of the Selous Game Reserve.

2.6 million trees cannot be felled for a pointless project!

Translation: Venus, with my best regards


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