Brazil: an “accident” from the hands of criminals


In Brazil, once again, the dam of an iron ore mine is broken. On 25th January 2019, about 12 million tons of contaminated waste were dumped at the village of Brumadinho in the mountains from Minas Gerais valley downwards.

The mudslide caused at least 186 people to die, and another 122 people are still missing. The mining complex, housing estates, rivers and tropical vegetation are covered with toxic mud up to 15 meters high.


The dam failure was not an accident, but a serious crime against humans, nature and animals.

The operator of the iron ore mine is the Brazilian group Vale, the largest iron ore producer in the world.

With an annual production of over 430 million (2016) tons of iron ore, Brazil is the second most important global iron ore producer after Australia.

Those responsible for the disaster are not only in Brazil, but also in Germany.

The TÜV Süd, headquartered in Munich, Germany, had certified the dam of the sedimentation basin as safe in September 2018.

We experience it every day, with almost every message: a gangster group gives the hand to the other gangster group. Governments and industry are a bunch of corrupt psychopaths who stop at nothing.

Humans, nature and animals are the raw materials with which the billions are made.


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My best regards to all, Venus

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