Orangutan baby trade: an ex-smuggler reports!

A former orangutan smuggler, now working as an informer, tells how babies are torn by their mothers.

At least three orangutan babies are to be taken out of the jungle every week and transported mainly through Thailand to third countries, especially in the Middle East, where owning an exotic rainforest animal is a great status symbol.

Demand is always there, and what these babies experience is cruel.


“The demand is always there, they always want orangutans,” said the former smuggler.
“Every week, I’ve got at least three orangutans and given them to two women and one man. This demand was there every week. ”

A hunter receives about $ 50 to take a baby away from his mother, who is usually shot or beaten to death.

He talked about how the babies are hidden in their luggage and how they got hugs as a substitute for their mothers’ pillow.

“These government officials in Indonesia know very well what is going on.

They know who the hunters are, they know who the traders are, and without the help of the authorities, they would not take these animals out of the country.”

World trade in wildlife is evolving as the world of drug trafficking. Where they have money, they are covert … the profits are so high and the risks are so low that this business is an invitation to corruption!


For more…at: https://worldanimalsvoice.com/2019/03/12/orangutan-baby-trade-an-ex-smuggler-reports/

My best regards to all, Venus


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