“Witch hunts, book burnings & the Inquisition are back”!


Renegade internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom has condemned the arrest of Julian Assange as a modern-day “inquisition,” and said the WikiLeaks founder’s “persecution and arrest” will make him “a hero for the ages.”


“Witch hunts, book burnings and the Inquisition are back, Dotcom tweeted on Thursday, hours after Assange was hauled out of the Ecuadorian Embassy in London by British police.


“The persecution and arrest of Julian Assange for publishing the truth returns us to the darkest times in human history,” the internet icon continued. “This attempt to keep us from the truth will turn Julian Assange into a hero for the ages.”

According to Assange’s lawyer Jen Robinson, his arrest was made in relation to an extradition request from the United States. Assange is wanted on charges of conspiracy, together with US Army whistleblower Chelsea Manning, Robinson elaborated.

The truth published by WikiLeaks has been particularly embarrassing for Washington. In 2010, the outlet published classified US military footage leaked by Manning, which showed a US Apache gunship mowing down 12 people, including two Reuters staff.


Kim Dotcom


Witch hunts, book burnings and the Inquisition are back.

The persecution and arrest of Julian Assange for publishing the truth returns us to the darkest times in human history.

This attempt to keep us from the truth will turn Julian Assange into a hero for the ages.



Dotcom’s own activities have brought the weight of the US government down on him before. As founder of the now-defunct file-hosting service Megaupload, the German-born entrepreneur is still locked into an extradition battle with Washington.

He is currently in New Zealand, and has claimed that US authorities are pursuing a vendetta against him on behalf of politically-influential Hollywood studios. Dotcom is a privacy activist and prominent critic of government surveillance.

He has accused former President Barack Obama of colluding with US intelligence agencies and tech companies to dramatically expand digital spying.

Kim Dotcom


Unfortunately all big US Internet companies are in bed with the deep state. Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc. are all providing backdoors to your data. You may have noticed they all favor the Democrats. Why? Obama made them feel special for sharing your data. Privileges!

While he awaits sentencing for jumping bail, Assange, 47, also faces a court hearing on May 2 relating to his possible extradition to the US to contest the hacking charges.

His lawyer Jennifer Robinson said he will fight extradition, adding that he thanked supporters and said ‘I told you so’ when she visited him in his police cell.

Theresa May, Prime Minister of U.K., expressed her relief today in Parliament over the arrest of Assange and stressed that “no one is above the law”.


Thus, Theresa May had the opportunity to distract the already annoyed citizens of her country a bit, because her failed negotiations on a – actually – very clear thing, namely to finally get out of the EU, the Britten can no longer endure.


Pamela Anderson has spread a great review on Twitter:


Replying to @pamfoundation

I am in shock..
I couldn’t hear clearly what he said?
He looks very bad.
How could you Equador ?
(Because he exposed you).
How could you UK. ?
Of course – you are America’s bitch and
you need a diversion from your idiotic Brexit- bullshit.


I also wrote a comment in RT, I owed it to him, and at least that:

“ALL we are the world. What did WE do when he was arrested and vegetated in the embassy for 7 years? What do the Australians have done for their compatriot, whom they should be proud of, to support him?
Everyone opens his ass to the Americans. That’s the world. And we ALL are accomplices”.


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Norway: closes fur farms from 2025


Breeders fight back!
Norway wants to completely ban fur farming until 2025!



The Norwegian government wants to completely ban fur farming until 2025. This is what the draft law, which was presented on Wednesday in the parliament in Oslo. The owners of the farms should therefore be compensated for the closure. They accuse the government of a “historical betrayal” (!!!)

Specifically, the law provides that the possession of animals should be prohibited if they are killed “for sale or other use of their coat”.
The government estimates that it will have to budget around 500 million kroner (52 million euros) in compensation. A spokesperson for the Norwegian Fur Breeders Association said the plan will “cause the breeders to go bankrupt”. The estimated sums are far too low!!


And I mean: This is a typical reaction of fur farmers, in the whole Europe: If the farmer can do something, that is to find reasons why HE is the victim.

When governments no longer cooperate with the Farm Inquisitors, they speak of betrayal.
Treachery to a business agreement that allows animals to be locked, tortured, forgiven and skined for years in wire cages. And if it is abolished, it is betrayal!!

One wonders how the 500 fur farmers in Norway would have called themselves if they had been locked in the cells for only a week and then left their thick skin as pocket leather in the gas chamber?

For more…at: https://worldanimalsvoice.com/2019/04/11/norway-closes-fur-farms-from-2025/


My best regards to all, Venus


The ridiculous worries of the EU MEP



Meat must remain meat: vegetable burgers, sausages and Co. should be called differently in the future. If it goes after the EU, the naming should change radically.

Only a real steak should also be called steak, said the French Socialist MEP Éric Andrieu the Guardian newspaper. He believes that “we should find a new name for all the new products. There is a lot to do in this regard, it requires a lot of creativity. ”
First drafts stipulate that vegetarian and vegan burgers should be called “veggie discs” in the future.



My comment: Considering that an MEP has a base salary of 8,000 euros a month, plus 300 euros of daily allowance at meetings and 21,000 euros a month as an additional salary to anyone who helps him, and 4,000 euros a month for expenses available … then one understands why they work so” hard “and “creativ” and are worried about Veggie Burgers!

These lobby-champions are in fact – and only a few “activities” to mention – paid for:

-they have to make sure that animal transport is NOT limited
– they must ensure that piglets are NOT castrated with anesthetic
– they must ensure that animal transports to third countries are NOT abolished
– they must ensure that Wild animals are NOT banned in Germany’s circuses
– they must ensure that the extension of the legally required place for pigs from 0.75 to 1.50 square meters is NOT permitted
-they have to make sure that the chain connection in cows is NOT abolished …
-they have to make sure that England does NOT leave the EU, even though the people have decided to do so…and…and..

It’s a “hard work” this lobby work for meat mafia, milk mafia, industry mafia, hunter mafia… It must be done consistently against animals and animal rights activism, which the “creative” MEPs have done to date, proving that the EU is in reality nothing more than an extermination camp. For animals and humans.

My best regards to all, Venus