Nestle’s crime


Nestlé is not only the world’s largest mineral water producer, but also a milk entrepreneur, and it sources more than 12 million tonnes of fresh milk equivalents from more than 30 countries.
More and more cruelties from the dairy industry are being exposed, including from a dairy that supplies Nestlè.
So horrible conditions were revealed that some shots could not be shown in the media because of brutality.
Over the past decade, Nestlé has been accused by many experts and organizations around the world for its unethical business practices in the way it conducts its business.



Cows are being beaten, kicked and brutally mistreated. A recent investigation by Compassion over Killing shows how cows are being tortured in this US dairy supplying Nestlé. The footage was shot in Martin Farms, a large dairy in Pennsylvania, USA. In one case, an employee shot an exhausted cow in the head. She suffered torment for almost a minute before being shot again and she died.

Turning on the Internet every day gives you the impression that the whole world is all about one thing: the killing of animals for profit, business, products, brands and food.

The abominable cruelty of man affected the entire animal kingdom. In fact, we can not find a single species that has not been abused by humans. Not a single one.

We have to cooperate closely with each other; only together do we have a chance to make the solidarity message audible everywhere.
The mission of the Animal Rights Movement is more than just talking about the rights of “animals”.
It’s also about speaking out against the wrong thing people do.
And that includes political knowledge and action.

Every cruelty that ends is a destruction less on this earth. To end or mitigate this omnipresent cruelty is our mission.

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A nice story


One day, the frogs decided to run a race. To make it especially difficult, they set a goal to reach the highest point of a large tower.
On the day of the race, many other frogs gathered to watch.
Then finally – the race began.

Now, it was true that none of the looking frogs really believed that even one of the participating frogs could actually reach their destination. Instead of cheering for the runners, they shouted “Oh! the poor! They’ll never make it! ” or ” That’s just impossible”! or ” You never can! ”

And it really seemed as if the audience was right, because gradually more and more frogs gave up.
The audience kept shouting, “Oh, the poor! They will never make it! ”

And indeed all the frogs soon gave up – all except one, who climbed abruptly up the steep tower – and was the only one who reached the target.
The spectator frogs were completely stunned and everyone wanted to know how it was possible.

One of the other participant frogs approached him to ask how he had managed to win the race.
And then they realized that this frog was deaf!

Author unknown

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Flight to freedom failed


An escaped cow has caused a stir on Saturday, April 13, in the district of Altötting, a city 90 kilometers from Munich.

Firefighters, police and farmers have tried to capture the animal. Without success. Stun darts have shown no effect. “The distance was too big, the cow has always moved away”, explains the police in Altötting opposite the  “Passauer New Press”.


The cow on the way to freedom

Meanwhile, it is officially confirmed that the cattle were shot. “The cow would have become a danger to road traffic,” said a spokesman for the responsible police inspection in Altötting.

The animal is said to have been killed with sharp shots, according to information from site. Closer backgrounds are currently unknown.


Image: the execution

This is not the first time that a slave has had a happy opportunity to escape his terrible fate in the tyrant hands of our conspecifics.
How cowardly is that! They take the right to go armed against a peaceful animal that is unarmed and has never done anything to anyone!

And for experienced murderers, it is natural to justify their systematic violence against animals with really ridiculous rules of order, which in reality have the function of veiling the injustice and making it invisible.

It makes us very sad, because it was pain and despair, fainting and death the price of freedom for our friend, because the ruling species wants to remain always the culprit.


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