Stray animals: the bankrupt of human morality


Living on the street without a house, food, warmth, shelter or security is a miserable life. And that is the life of all stray animals. Around the world. Exposed to human indifference, ignorance and very often to human crime.
Most of them had a warm, private house before.
This may have started in Christmas or in Easter, when the family decided to have an animal as a gift for the offspring. And with the splendor of the holidays, the interest in the animal is also extinguished.

From that moment begins the fierce fight of the abandoned against psychopaths of all kinds, who, because of sadism and hate poisoning the strays, hanging, killing, shooting or throwing them in plastic bags in the garbage container.

Left alone, abandoned, life and death means suffering and pain for stray animals. Everywhere in this world. And almost everyone in this world does not care if animals are kicked, beaten, poisoned or locked up in killing stations.

But there are also some, few people try to reduce this misery and correct the tragic results of human crime. They open their house and their heart and win a loyal friend for life.
Someone who has experienced so much hate, rejection and cruelty in his live will be happy with every little bit of love and tenderness. And forever grateful!
I mean: a life without animals is possible, but meaningless!

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My best regards to all, Venus