The suffering of chickens in factory farming

Scientists at the University of Osnabrück (Germany) are currently working on the question of what influence artificial light sources have on the well-being of chickens in so-called livestock farming. They are sure: the wrong lighting has a strong impact on the health of the animals, who perceive the light quite differently than we humans. The unnatural bulbs they have been exposed to their entire lives are disrupting their natural rhythm and leading to stress, disease and behavioral problems.

In terms of brightness, the eyes of a chicken are up to ten times more sensitive than ours. As the light sources in the stables seem brighter for them, the chickens are blinded by them. On the other hand, the insulated lighting there does not correspond to the darkness that chickens need during their rest periods.



The unpleasant lighting conditions, according to the scientists, are likely to affect the negative moods of the animals and can lead to aggressive behavior such as feather pecking or self-mutilation.


In addition to other factors such as high population density, stinking stable climate or lack of employment opportunities, false light can be responsible for many behavioral problems, illnesses and deaths. Worse is the fact that in most laying hens the beaks are cut to prevent cannibalism. This is done in a very painful way.


In the video we can see how live the so-called “organic” chickens in Germany. The video was shot undercover by the organization “animal friends” in 2012. For those who think: yes, but it is old … since then, nothing has changed.


Man has decided that animals are a matter, and under this fascist conviction, the daily murder of animals takes place with such sadistic coldness and cynical indifference that only a human animal can possess.


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