Palm oil: dirty business and an apokalyptic disaster

It is the story of the loss of habitat, of all animal life and premature death. The swamp forests of the Leuser ecosystem are home to most of Sumatra’s orangutans, and Rafflesia, the largest flower in the world, thrives in its rainforests.

Four million indigenous people depend on their water supplies and food for the forests to be intact.

The biggest enemy: deforestation because of palm oil.

Most of the palm oil plantations have been set up illegally because there is no permit in protected areas.

“When the big companies go to these areas, they’ll cut down the biggest trees and then shave off what’s left – with machines or by fire. They kill all life there, including ants. Most orangutans die as well. I often refer to them as survivors of an apocalyptic wave, but they are also refugees.“


More than 60 million tons of it are consumed worldwide every year. Palm oil increasingly serves as a substitute for harmful trans fats and as a bio-alternative for various petroleum products. It has become a billion dollar business. But only very few people know that they even eat it. Many have never heard of it.

Palm oil is not cultivated by small farmers but by large international corporations. The peasants are robbed only of the land on which they can later work as auxiliary workers.

A recent report shows what happens to people when palm oil is grown:

They are imprisoned, tortured or murdered. In the Indonesian province of Papua everyone lives dangerously, who opposes the authorities. Serious human rights violations are on the agenda – and the world community takes little notice.


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England: London Parliament – Semi Naked Climate Protesters Disrupt Brexit Debate.

England: London Parliament – Semi-naked climate protesters disrupt Brexit debate.

Extinction Rebellion activists stripped off in House of Commons public gallery.

Semi-naked climate change protesters interrupted a House of Commons Brexit debate and glued their hands to the glass of the public gallery, spending almost 20 minutes with their buttocks facing the chamber.

MPs attempted to continue the debate during the peaceful protest by 11 activists from Extinction Rebellion, though several made coded mentions to the protest in their speeches.

Another of the activists, Iggy Fox, said: “I’m tired of the time and resources our government wastes rearranging the deckchairs on the Brexitanic. It’s high time politicians stop beating around the bush and tackle the environmental crisis head on, like they should have done years ago. I won’t stop causing disruption until the government does its duty to protect the people from disaster.”




USA: Take action to ban Driftnets NOW !

USA: Take action to ban Driftnets NOW !

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Go Vegan !

England: Vegan Recipe Club Newsletter: Cherry Bakewells, Chocolate Oreo Cheesecake, Leek & Blue ‘Cheese’ Quiche,

Vegan Recipe Club Newsletter: Cherry Bakewells, Chocolate Oreo Cheesecake, Leek & Blue ‘Cheese’ Quiche,


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The suffering of the bears in the circus


Research by Animals Asia reveals the destructive torments, exploitation and violence faced by endangered bears, elephants and orangutans in Vietnam’s shameful animal circuses. Sign the petition now.




The video by PETA shows how small bears, from the time of their children, are trained for the circus. Although the video is from China, but we here, the so-called civilized Europeans do not do it much better.



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With One New Law, China Could Be on the Verge of Ending Dog Meat Festivals.


1/4/19 – Activists are so hopeful today since news broke that two Chinese governing bodies, the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) and the National People’s Congress (NPC), plan to introduce new legislation that will provide special protections to canines by classifying them as companion animals.

But we still need to keep up pressure – please sign the petition via the link below.

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