Serbia – Can you give a donation to help 90 Dogs in need ?

Serbia – Can you give a donation to help 90 Dogs in need ?

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England – Another Terrible Loss – John Callaghan.

England – Another Terrible Loss – John Callaghan.


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John C and Richard H Brussels

USA – Michigan Judge dishes out triple the recommended sentence in a brutal dog stabbing case.

USA – Michigan Judge dishes out triple the recommended sentence in a brutal dog stabbing case.

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USA – Officer Out on Bail for 40 Counts of Dog Sex Abuse Now Arrested for Child Pornography

USA – Officer Out on Bail for 40 Counts of Dog Sex Abuse Now Arrested for Child Pornography

US cop abuser

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Why still we fight?



The web page “Netzfrauen” (Network Women) was sued by a German big game hunter who killed a big elephant in Africa,  although it was the foreign media who published his photo and not this site.

We’ve often posted articles from this very informative website and we’re now really angry with those cheeky jerks who want to intimidate the site with this equally outrageous lawsuit so that in the future facts and truth about the trophy hunt remain in the dark.

Here is the message:


“Dear Readers, I have been sued by a German trophy hunter and now I am going to pay a heavy fine to the state of Berlin.

If I do not pay, I go to jail!
I’ve just talked to my trophy hunt organizations and I’m ready to go to jail for the elephants, lions, leopards, buffalos and rhinos, also known as the BIG5.
If I can finally stop this trophy hunt, it’s worth it.
We will continue to inform you – on behalf of all animals.

Thank you for your support.


John Cleese: Trophy hunters who kill wild animals are „impotent“ and „inadequate“

In addition a very nice text of “Netzfrauen” to this situation:

“Incidentally, the one who points to the dirt is more dangerous here than the one who does the filth.” Kurt Tucholsky (January 9, 1890 – December 21, 1935)
Yes, this is still the case in 2019, as we always have to experience painfully.
As a large food company said:
“As long as activists are attacked in Germany and not the corporations, comes to Germany what other countries do not want.”
It is exactly like that.

No matter if you are committed to animal welfare – you will be attacked.
It does not matter if you’re campaigning for healthy foods – you’re under attack.
No matter if you are committed to human rights – you will be attacked!
It does not matter if children are committed to their future – they are attacked.
.. but never by the corporations, but by mothers and fathers, who should actually know better.
So why still fight?

It is more convenient to attack those who point out the filth instead of attacking the real culprit, quite comfortably from the couch!

This is what it looks like in 2019 … Kurt Tucholsky already recognized it then.

Look around, Germany is world champion in pay dumping, but export world champion

Germany is the largest meat producer, possible through factory farming.

Germany has protected the automotive industry for years, and now thousands are unemployed, and while the boards can record millions of euros as salaries, the victims of the “diesel gate” go out empty, that does not matter, the taxpayer likes to pay.

Does not matter if Germany is the country that invests less in education.
It does not seem to matter that nursing homes and hospitals have long since been sold to investors.
Why should we get upset … seemingly all right.
They do not need us!

But do not complain if you realize that everything is not all right!


the US dentist Walter Palmer, has never been punished for the murder of Cecil 2015.

My comment: The corrupt politicians know very well that it is not the Enlightenment people who are to be punished. The psychopaths who kill animals as trophies are the culprits. It is the epidemics of this planet, dangerous parasites that only occupy the place.

And for us to call things by their name: without the lobbying of the corrupt politicians, most of whom are also wild animal hunters, this dull gang would have no chance to continue their killings.

It is difficult to find the right words against this legalized massacre of defenseless animals. Even attaching the worst photos or words could not be enough to describe the extent of the mass killings of trophy hunters.

The defendants have not asked for donations, but we nevertheless post the account number, and we think that any donation will be an important help that the web site operator does not go to jail.

On the question “why still we fight on”, we had already borrowed the answer from Bertold Brecht: without us they would have had it much easier”!


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My best regards to all, Venus