Easter: nothing else than blood orgy for lambs

The “tradition” of slaughtering lambs at Easter has its roots in the Jewish Passover feast. According to the Old Testament, God commanded his people, who at the time lived as slaves under the rule of the Egyptians, to slaughter a lamb and use their blood to smear the posts of their homes.
God had decided to meet and kill all the firstborn in Egypt in one night. Only the families whose homes were marked with the blood of the lambs would be spared. Jesus was crucified during the Passover feast and was called Agnus Dei, the Lamb of God who took the guilt of the world.


But the Lamb is an involuntary “sacrificial animal”, Jesus one voluntarily for the sins of humanity.


The biggest hypocrisy in Easter is, that everywhere at this time with sweet chicks, lambs and rabbits are advertised, which joyously hoppeln over the meadow, are happy and above all alive.

But still lambs and rabbits like to end up eaten as a roast on their plates for Easter.

In the name of “tradition”. In fact, because this society likes to adopt surrendering barbarities when they serve their fun and enjoyment.



The undercover research on this Video carried out by Animal Equality in various farms and slaughterhouses in Italy reveals the atrocities inevitably associated with the consumption of meat during the Easter holidays.

The worst thing is how lightly violence is used (Video). While it does not seem to be “fun” for the slaughterers to torture the animals, the brutal practices are carried out with such indifference and routine violence as if such a brutal murder were perfectly normal for them. With the same naturalness, the butchers would slit a sack of potatoes!!

Easter is a perverted blood orgy in the name of the religious tradition!

For more…at: https://worldanimalsvoice.com/2019/04/04/easter-nothing-else-than-blood-orgy-for-lambs/


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