USA: Yellowstone is more valuable than gold



Victory: Lucky Minerals’ exploration license ruled invalid, taking plans for exploratory drilling “off the table”! Judges block Trump’s plans to destroy planet Earth!


Livingston, MT —A Montana district court has quashed a permit that would have allowed Canadian mining company Lucky Minerals Inc. to explore for gold in Emigrant Gulch just north of Yellowstone National Park.

The ruling blocks exploratory drilling that was slated to begin on July 15, 2019, and is a significant victory in the multi-year effort to protect Yellowstone National Park from new mines surrounding the national park.

While Lucky Minerals was promoting its gold exploration plans for mining claims around Yellowstone, federal agencies and Congressional leaders went to work to protect the lands surrounding the national park.


“We will win because local residents, businesses, and elected officials are united to protect our natural resources and local economy against this threat.”


The information is great, that gives us courage. Especially that the judiciary can do a lot if it does not allow itself to be intimidated by industry and corrupt politicians.
If you look at the ancient nature and the animals living in it, you get a real panic attack, it could all collapse, because multinational criminals with the support of corrupt, unscrupulous politicians want to earn their money out of this paradise.

And most of all: even a Donald Trump must realize that there are limits.


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