China: China could make Donkeys extinct within 4 years if action is not taken.

China: China could make Donkeys extinct within 4 years if action is not taken.

Donkeys will be extinct in four years if China is not stopped! 1

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India: Bear Driven off cliff by mob.

India: Bear Driven off cliff by mob.

Ghandi said that you can judge a nation by the way it treats its animals.

India still has a lot to learn !

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world turtley day


We urgently need to do something to avoid this day becoming a day of remembrance!
Because it is high time:

Sea turtles have been living in the oceans for about 225 million years, now they are under more threat than ever before. All living seven species of sea turtles are at great risk: marine pollution and fishing cost lives to countless animals each year.


Particularly many sea turtles die in nets, on longlines or by plastic in their stomachs.
We must protect the sea turtles before it is too late for them!

Foto: Giorgia Doglioni

You know what to do?
Look at what Sea Shepherd is doing to protect sea turtles. With the app “getbaff” you can watch the video in full length
You can take this picture here on our website. In addition, we deposit all videos on our button and sticker “100% waiver = 100% marine protection”. This video will be available until Sunday.
Get the app and follow us! You can get the app “getbaff” for free in the Google Play Store or the Apple Store.

Collect our messages … and getbaff!

And we mean: even if we can not directly participate in the excellent marine conservation of Shea Shepard, in everyday life  we ALL can do something for the animals.
Give to the slow, small, defenseless more mindfulness. In the garden, road traffic, grass mowing …

As the weather heats up, turtles are on the GO, but man-made obstacles often put them in danger 💔

This World Turtle Day, remember to look out for turtles and always help them cross if you see them in the road.

Protection and love for animals knows no limit, and is given without excuses.


My best regards to all, Venus