Made in Germany: the media machinery of distraction


“Krefeld: Farewell to a monkey personality: Gorilla female Tumba has surprisingly died at the age of 45 years. Their deaths are particularly hard on the housemates in their seniors’ monkey flat in the Krefeld Zoo”.

With this outrageous message the german media announce the death of Tumba to the public.

And it goes on…

“At the age of 45, Tumba was one of the old gorillas in Krefeld Zoo. In 1975 she moved into the monkey house and lived there together with silverback Massa (48) and another gorilla lady: Boma (46). The three were in the 1980s / 1990s, a successful breeding group: Tumba and Massa were 1985 and 1995 offspring.

Daughter Kira now lives in the Moscow Zoo and already has children herself”.


Foto: Magnus Neuhaus

The strategy of distraction is to divert public attention from important issues. One way is to flood a message with trivial details. That requires sentimentality.
The goal is to distract people from concentrating on the essentials and to direct their thoughts and feelings to the unimportant. So they should not wonder if Tumba was illegally snatched from her mother as a baby and illegally dragged from her home in Africa to the Krefeld Zoo “open air prison”, where she led a miserable life.

They should not ask why the media does not talk about the miserable life of zoo animals and hide the real issues.

“And in the Facebook comments express several zoo visitors from their sympathy: “She always radiates a kind of superior boredom! just as if she was above things, “writes one user. Another reader adds, “Rest in peace, big girl, we wish you a good last trip. My granddaughter will miss you. “

The more the media wants to manipulate the public, the more they will talk to the public as if they were exclusively children. Then sugar sweet arguments, signs, and intonations are used, as if people were too weak or immature to handle the truth.

The goal is to produce a submissive, docile response, to prevent critical thinking.

Now Tumba is gone.
The same prisons remain in Krefeld and all over the world, reminding us that the only animal on this planet that captures other animals for fun is the human species!

What the human species can never be ashamed of enough.

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