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First stroke, then slaughter


Leeds, UK: They are first fed and then slaughtered: dealing with two pigs at a British school provides heated discussions.


The two Gloucester Old Spot breed pigs being reared on the farm.


Because the supervising headmaster Peter Harris wants to slaughter the animals during the summer holidays.

This is how the children should learn where their meat comes from.

“The pigs will not be pets and only be with us for nine months,” read the school homepage. “The pigs will live twice as long as those commercially bred for slaughter and will live a true and free farm life.”

The meat is to be sold afterwards.

For this at least unusual action receives the British teacher much headwind – but also support. The comments on the school homepage contain both clear hostility and support for the idea of explaining to children the origin of their food. The Internet already has an online petition urging headteacher Peter Harris to abandon the plans has been running for around six months now and has gathered more than 4,000 signatures.


Petition: https://www.change.org/p/mr-harris-headteacher-farsley-farfield-don-t-send-pigs-to-slaughter

And we mean:  “The pigs will not be domestic animals and only live with us for nine months”
That’s how Mr. Harris decided.
Which is not very different from that practiced by the butcher next door.
The butcher also says, like Mr. Harris, that pigs are not home animals, but food for children, teachers and other animal-loving meat consumers!!

But Mr. Harris does not want to be compared to butchers, that’s why he changes the decor a bit.

And Mr. Harris means that as soon as he keeps the two pigs as free copies of the meat industry in the garden of the school, the children know the full truth of where their meat comes from.

So far, it is going well with the “truth”, but with the finale of this action, Mr. Harris has some difficulties.

Either way, he has to butcher the pigs, and in front of the children.
He has to do that so that his message arrives, namely: even free-living pigs do not escape the butcher’s sharp knife.
Such is the fate of non-pets, that’s what we humans have decided.
(Except of Korean, Chinese, Indonesian and Vietnamese pets, of course).

We would recommend to Mr. Harris to visit a pig farm with his students so that he can conduct his experiment under “realistic” conditions.
And to prove us all that he is serious about education!

For more about… education…at: https://worldanimalsvoice.com/2019/05/03/first-stroke-then-slaughter/


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