Hunters are psychopaths


Conservative peer Lord Ashcroft has made an emotional call to the government to follow the lead of the US and the Netherlands and ban the import of “barbaric” captive lion trophies.

It comes as he reveals his findings from an investigation in to lion farming in South Africa.

In the year-long investigation, called Operation Simba, he claims that lions are being bred en mass, with the aim of killing them and using them in “medicine” or as trinkets in the far east – so that hunters can make a profit.

Tigers and lions are pictured as their captors breed them together. Pic: Lord Ashcroft

Lord Ashcroft`s  probe into the lion farms also showed that in the space of two days, 54 lions were killed in a single slaughterhouse, so that their bones could be harvested and sent to companies who want to use them in “traditional” Asian medicine.

Reporting in the Mail on Sunday, he said: “Dead lions, some skinned and others waiting to be skinned, littered the blood stained floor.

Lions are slaughtered on an industrial scale. Pic: Lord Ashcroft

“A pile of innards and skeletons lay elsewhere inside. While discarded internal body parts were piled high in overflowing black plastic bags on a trailer outside.”

The harrowing findings did not stop there though, as he also discovered that lions and tigers were being cross-bred, in an attempt to create bigger, and “more imposing” animals, that are worth more to those who want to hunt them.

Lord Ashcroft has vowed to lobby the government over what he calls the “failure to close a glaring loophole” that encourages imports of lion skins into the UK.

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England: 1/5/19 – Finally, Wild Animals Are To Be Banned From Circus Performances !


I can remember attending circus demos as long as 25 years ago; and including the issue of wild animals in circuses as part of my contribution to the Animal Welfare Act for the UK.

Now, today, May 1st, we have been given the following news:

Wild Animals Are To Be Banned From Circuses.

Finally, we get there ! – It is such a massive victory for the UK animal welfare movement I cannot even start to describe. Very mixed emotions today; about another issue.

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A May 1st for animals…


We wish that!
A revolution against injustice, exploitation, a revolution against rulers.
For a world without slaves, subjects, lawless beings.
We are not the victims. No more.

Our conspecifics fought for it 130 years ago, so today we have the right to 8 hours of working time, protected and paid properly.

The time of human proletarians is over.



The slaves of yesteryear are the dominant species of today.
Those have the acknowledged privilege to exploit other species as a sign of a good and high standard of living.

Just belonging to the same species automatically increments a person to those who have rights. In (almost) all areas of life.
It is the special right of the ruling species that only the oligarchs had before the May Revolution.

Therefore, the first of May is the reminder of a bitter and unjust reality for us: people have rights, or they can fight for it. Animals still have no rights because they can not fight for it.

But we can do it for them, and we do it. And we will continue to fight for it so that slavery and the massive exploitation of non-human proletarians will cease.



My best regards and a beautiful May 1st at all, Venus