Germany: how soldiers learn surgery


The federal army carries out so-called “live tissue trainingevery year – yes! read correctly! these are training sessions on live animals, in the case of the federal army on pigs. In these surgical courses, also called trauma training, operations of war wounds are practiced – for example, injuries with severe bleeding.

In order to simulate war wounds, live pigs should be subjected to severe puncture and cut injuries under severe anesthesia.
Soldiers and paramedics should then train the wound care on the defenseless animals.  The pigs are cut open and mutilated, in the end they let them die.

Help us convince Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen not to abuse animals in military training anymore!

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In 2013, this message came to the media:: “In accordance with the German Animal Welfare Act, the Federal Armed Forces relies on advanced, animal-free testing methods,” says an official confirmation by Captain Waldemar Boczek.

“During training projects, the soldiers are trained on very good models and the physicians do not need animal experiments.

 The German animal protection law requires the use of animal-free teaching methods, if they are available.

In addition to Germany, 21 other NATO countries work exclusively with simulation exercises”.

Now, in 2019, we read that the training methods on pigs continue to be performed in the federal army!

If we did not have the investigative work of some organizations, we would continue to sleep with a quiet head that the federal army not only with France new killing systems developed, but also performs an innovative animal experiment-free trauma training!


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