Mulesing: an animal torture for the wool industry

What is it about?
It is again about torture, suffering and economic crime in the name of profit.

It’s about surgical intervention on sheeps without the use of painkillers or narcotics in Australia.

We have to stop that.

It was documented by a film crew producing 90 percent of the merino wool for our clothing. On several sheep farms, activists have found out that the first weeks of life of a lamb are determined by painful interventions that are usually performed without anesthetic: they cut off the tail, castrate male offspring, and then comes the “Mulesing” to protect the animals of the fly maggots.
The cries of lambs who have to undergo these procedures without painkillers are heartbreaking.

What is mulesing?

Humidity and urine accumulate in the skin folds, attracting flies that deposit their eggs in the skin folds. The larvae hatched a little later can eat the sheep from the inside alive. In order to avoid the loss of sheep due to this “fly infestation”, the Australian rancher performs the “mulesing” (named after the inventor of the method, John Mules).

In this barbaric mulesing, the lambs are thrown on their backs with force and their legs are fixed between metal bars.

Then they cut them – often with a simple pruning shears and without anesthesia – large plates of meat from the area around their tail, around the anus and (in women) around the vulva (no one would come up with the idea of a toddler even just a few square centimeters of skin cut out without anesthetic).

We want to change that now and we need votes for that!

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