The criminal works of Monsanto


“Monsanto? One floor lower…”

German pharmaceutical giant Bayer is hiring an outside law firm to review claims circulating in the French media that its seed firm, Monsanto, compiled illegal lists of influential journalists and lawmakers.

Bayer, who acquired the controversial agrochemical business last year, said on Sunday that the decision to commission the independent review came after its own internal investigation into the matter. It added that it understood the concerns raised over the week.

“This is not the way Bayer seeks dialogue with society and stakeholders. We apologize for this behavior,” the company said. However, it maintained that in the company’s eyes, there was nothing illicit about the way such lists were compiled.



The French investigation is the latest in a string of legal woes inherited by Bayer”, who have seen their share value plummet by almost 40 percent since taking over Monsanto.

German pharmaceutical firm Bayer lost 6.8 percent on share value in trading Tuesday after a US jury awarded a couple from California $2.055 billion in punitive damages for failure to warn of cancer risks of its Roundup herbicide.


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And I mean: Fuck you Monsanto !!!!! The only thing you have ever been able to give this planet is death, destruction, suffering for humans and animals.

I hope those who serve you will find a miserable death, and because it is so beautiful in hell, take away the corrupt politicians with you!


My best regards, Venus



Holland: Solidarity and thanks to the activists


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“A live video camera from a slaughterhouse would be enough to make the whole world change its mind”


More than 200 activists have occupied a Dutch pig breeding facility for several hours – in peaceful protest against the painful breeding, keeping and killing of sentient beings.

Another 100 or more activists stayed outside the facility.


With video and photo shoots, the brave people document the suffering of the animals and publish the pictures on social media around the world – so that people can see under what torturous conditions the animals whose body parts they want to eat as a burger and Schnitzel, really had to live; how they suffered; how they had to lie in their own excrement, because there was no escape, how they were locked up, could not move.

This is the truth that hides the meat industry behind the windowless huge halls in front of consumers.



We thank the brave activists for the action.
The animal rights movement has never been as active as it is now.
That’s why Germany’s Minister of the Environment, Julia Klöckner, wants to criminalize the activists who make secret documentation in slaughterhouses, laboratories, and animal farming.
We will continue to fight for the rights of animals on all levels.

Best regards, Venus