France: animal experiments in stables come to light

No! That’s not in China, that’s in France! But we immediately remember the holes on the bear’s body in China to get the bile fluid!!



Have you ever heard of “fistula cows”? Cows with implanted “window” to the stomach…?

It is implanted into a living being, in the case of a cow, by surgery, an externally accessible access, and through this opening contents can be filled and samples taken.

Investigation of methane formation in the stomach of the cows. As we all know, methane production causes greenhouse gases that destroy our environment.

The invention of this torture is not new, it’s officially from the 19th century, but we think it could also be a torture method from the time of the Holy Inquisition.

What is new is the strong courage of the animal rights activists of the L214 group, which has brought this vile, fascist practice to light for the first time.
Thank you very much to L214!


This video shows live cows with built-in holes in their bodies that look like portholes or windows inside. These are inputs to the rumen, one of the four stomachs, and to make it easier for the meat mafia to examine the digestive system of the animals.

According to the activists, these artificial holes are emblematic of how to deal with animals as soulless machines at our disposal. The animal protection group claims to have filed a complaint with the local prosecutor for “illegal experiments and serious animal abuse”. An online campaign has also started.  

Signez la pétition :

“This process is used worldwide for research purposes only,” (!!!) Avril Group said in a response to the L214 investigation. “This is currently the only solution to study the digestion of plant proteins.”

It added: “This analysis is essential for many advances in breeding and, in particular, to improve the digestive health of millions of animals, reduce the use of antibiotics and reduce emissions of nitrates and methane related to livestock.”

It also criticised L214 for unnecessary “illegal intrusion” at the facility, which it said “regularly opens its doors to the public.”


For more…at:

And we mean: The company Avril and every animal barracks, which operates such torture, does not need to keep its door open to the public.
They all have to close the holes in the animals’ bodies, which they torture illegally and uselessly every day.

The visitors know today that the holes in the body of the cows do not reduce the problem with the methane, nitrate and antibiotics and certainly can not solve it.

Who eats animals and their products causes a climate catastrophe and cooperates in these medieval torture methods against animals.


My best regards to all, Venus


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