Because we are the perpetrators



The face of an individual that has lost all hope.
Mistreated by those who were supposed to care for them—and now headed to their death.
How and why are we doing this to others when there is absolutely no need for it?

Jo-Anne McArthur / We Animals


The answer: Because we are the perpetrators.
Because we only recognize rights for our species.
This is the right of the stronger that allows us to become perpetrators.
Humans have rights, animals have no rights.
No animal in this world has rights, nowhere.

There are many moral reasons to give the other species the right to life, freedom, happiness.
Every human being gets these rights at birth, the species gives the rights to itself.
And that favors the winner, that gives his privilege over other species.

That’s the answer to the question.


My best regards, Venus


One Response

  1. Because our religions support speciesism , teaching us : ”humans are over all ”, ”human dominion over all animals” – and make as to be perpetrators.

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