Spain: Update 29/8- Cattle from Brazil to Turkey.


Update 29/8- Cattle from Brazil to Turkey.

This morning. Mark (WAV) has had a really positive talk with the crew at Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre in Spain –    in order to get the latest news on the situation of the cattle being exported from Brazil to Turkey.

Basically, things have gone quiet and the shipping company from the Lebanon is not giving much away to anyone – remember we phoned them yesterday and got little). We confirmed with EHCRC (Spain) that we are having trouble tracking the vessel to its current location.

We were told by EHCRC (Spain) that they were also tracking (like us), but now in their words “the ship has gone off the radar”. We fully agree with this.

Hopefully later today EHCRC (Spain) are aiming to get more updates and news about the situation. When they do they are going to issue a formal Press Release (PR).

Mark and EHCRC (Spain) had a good talk about the live animal export industry in general, and basically they have been having major problems getting the Press to follow up with this situation. We experience this all the time with much of our live export investigation work; and advised EHCRC (Spain) to make contact and complaints through the EU MEP route when they (MEP’s) return from their Summer holidays next week.

We finished by thanking EHCRC (Spain) for the efforts they have made on this live animal export issue. We also finished by agreeing that the Carbon footprint of livestock ships taking live animals all over the world to simply be slaughtered at the final destination was absurd; and that cattle grazing land clearance was one of the major factors for all of the fires in Amazonia at the moment.

We will update with the PR from EHCRC (Spain if and when they are able to get any update today.

Regards Mark.

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  1. Shame on Mankind ! None of the European powerful was named as a responsible for the suffering and grievous deaths of 70,000 Romanian sheep, only the politicians on the European stage were silent, as if that was perfectly normal . Now Bonsonaro is a target ? they don’t care for the animas but only for politician targets, busineess and money. Shame.The world needs a money-free revolution !

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