Children encouraged to kill animals on sick trophy hunting holidays.

Children encouraged to kill animals on sick trophy hunting holidays

EXCLUSIVE: Cowardly and cruel trophy hunters start young – while Geneva convention sees calls for complete ban to barbaric, outdated hunting holidays

Cruel trophy hunting kills, like the ones organised by Umilio Safaris , are legal as long as it complies with a country’s existing hunting legislation.

Some safari hunting firms even encourage trophy hunters to bow hunt monkeys and baboons.

This increases the likelihood of painful, life-altering injuries or a long, painful death if the animal, sometimes shot by amateur hunters, manages to escape.

Shockingly African Hunt Lodge, which operators a “no kill, no fee” policy, also arranges hunts for children.

A photo on its site taken in June shows a small child named Nolan holding a rifle just seconds after a vervet monkey was shot.

It is not known what nationality he is.


Sir Ranulph Fiennes, British explorer and adventurer, backed the Mirror campaign to end trophy hunting.

He said: “Trophy hunting of any species is utterly objectionable. But it is completely inhuman to shoot creatures who are so like us. What on earth were these people thinking when they bought a ‘monkey hunting holiday’?

“They should be utterly ashamed of themselves and are a disgrace to our country. This is as cowardly and as cruel as trophy hunting gets.

“The people who do this should be in jail. This is a crime against nature.

“We should hang our heads in shame that people from Britain do this and that our government allows hunters to bring these sick trophies home with them.

“We need to ban all trophy hunting. We should start by outlawing the import of hunting trophies into Britain”.

Peter Egan, actor and animal activist, added: “These are perhaps the most horrifying and revolting images I have ever seen. There is nothing brave or sporting about trophy hunting.

“But to kill small monkeys who are used to living alongside humans just beggars belief.

“What kind of world do we live in when some people dare to call this ‘sport’? It completely exposes the ludicrous claim made by industry lobbyists that trophy hunting is just ‘conservation’.

“Nobody believes their lies. It is just sadism pure and simple.

“The sooner Britain bans the import of hunting trophies the better. It’s what British people want, and I hope the government delivers it as soon as possible. We need a compete global ban on this sick industry”.



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  1. Above, well said. Shameful creeps in charge. Disgusting & stupid. We will stop it. Decency sought.

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