EU: environmental crime remains under contract


The treaty with Mercosur does not provide for sanctions when a country like Brazil illegally destroys forest. That’s what the European Commission acknowledged.


The agreement reached at the end of June with the Mercosur Group from Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay is intended to give the EU access to a hitherto highly isolated market with 260 million citizens.

Most tariffs on EU imports such as cars should be abolished, which would save the economy € 4 billion a year. In return, the EU wants to lower its import taxes on industrial products from the Mercosur states and further open its market for agricultural products.
In the agreement, both sides also undertake to implement the Paris Agreement on Climate Change, to fight illegal clearing and to protect workers’ rights.

In view of the current illegal forest fires in Brazil, there are increasing calls to ratify the Mercosur Treaty.

President Jair Bolsonaro even advocates grubbing up, critics say. Because of the agreement, more meat from Brazil will come to the EU, so that more forests in the South American country would be cleared for agriculture.


Image: osgemeos

However, the German government does not want to stop the treaty because it has “an ambitious sustainability chapter with binding regulations on climate protection” (!!!)


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My comment: Clearing, burning, fattening, growing! this is the business model of the meat mafia.

Usually it runs in the Amazon, but not only there, from time to time following the same pattern: First, valuable tree trunks are taken from the natural forests, then the rest burned down.

This is followed by pastures for the cattle and after a few years the pastures are broken, mostly to grow soybeans. The rainforest ecosystem regenerates itself, but the pastures are no more productive.

After deforestation, a stable balance is destroyed. The soils do not produce more – neither for grasses nor for crops. The proportion of beef imported from Brazil into the EU is growing steadily – by nine percent in last year alone.

In addition, genocide happens simultaneously!
Not “only” animals and plants, but also a whole range of human peoples lose their habitat through the illegal fires in Amazon.

These are mass murderers who commit their crimes to everything that is alive and useful to this planet, and for these criminals, the Inter-American Court of Human Rights in the Kostarican San José is responsible.


So we should ask ourselves: what do we import with our meat consumption? First, this biblical destruction of the rainforest, the destruction of thousand animal species;

At the same time, we are importing a gross violation of human rights because the indigenous peoples are brutally expelled, removed from their habitat by force and murder.

We feed the cattle barons of Brazil, and Amazon is also burning because of us.

My best regards to all, Venus


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