After Amazonas ist like before Amazonas


The indignation and anger over the illegal arson in Amazon has shaken the humanity.

For weeks we had a hysterical coverage in various media about the theme “Amazon” and no Facebook page was to found, which did not report every day about it. Horror pictures, analysis, allegations, petitions everything has come into use.

But that all was a manifestation of outrage, not the solution of the problem.

Incidentally, the EU states have also been excited about the eradication of the Amazon rainforest, even though everyone secretly knew what the trade agreement would mean!
And Germany sees no reason to reject the Mercosur agreement with Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay, mainly because (apart from France, Ireland and Luxembourg) not a single EU member state has objected.

The collective anger over the fire was temporary, now it seems to be over, and everyone returns to his everyday lives, including his eating habits.

Despite the imposing bombing of the press with reports of the fire hell of Amazon, no one feels directly responsible to the climate catastrophe and no one wants to give up his steak or his pig roast, although everyone knows that meat consumption is the main cause of the loss of animals, nature, forests and human lives too.

Why are we behaving so idiotically?
Why do we avoid the confrontation with a truth, the destruction of the environment, which will have fatal consequences for the life of our grandchildren at the latest?
After the well-tried method of displacement, self-healing powers are activated, “all half as bad” we say, and we make as if the problem with the extinguishing aircraft is deleted!!

For a long time, we thought that these fires do not affect us up here, these are just nature events that have arisen because of the heat in the countries down there.

But every fire in Brazil and elsewhere, every additional felled tree, reverses the CO2 balance: more CO2 remains in the atmosphere for centuries, less CO2 is removed from the atmosphere at short notice. Does not look good overall.

After Amazonas is like before Amazon, the willingness to reduce or even eliminate meat eating, and thus eliminate one of the strongest factors for global warming, is minimal.
The human animal is the only one that does not learn from its mistakes.

Bolsonaro is a criminal, EU Commission is his corrupt partner, the culprits are identified, and with these simple explanations we reassure the conscience that the Amazon is not burning because of us.

Not because 56 billion so-called farm animals are killed by humans every year for food.
Not because around the world grows on one third of the field’s animal feed.
Not because meat consumption is increasing and by 2050 meat production will double.
Amazonas burns because we believe that we have the right to eat animals.

We produce meat for the dumpsters, we burn primeval forests for an overproduction of animal products, which we don`t need at all.
And we are angry about Amazon’s illegal fires while we enjoy our beef steak at lunchtime.

What else should happen, so that the ordinary repression and indifference of the mass changes?
Unless a galloping destruction of the planet on all facets of animal and nature life ca not make people reduce or even give up their meat consumption, then how else can make it?

This question will be of great importance to animal rights activists in the future.
No one knows a safe method or an effective plan to change that society.
And by that is meant, make people stop eating meat and cooperate with a system of destruction, exploitation, crime against nature and animals!

Infantilism and the indifference of the human species is alarming.

But we remain active in the fight. Because without enlightenment and investigative work there are even fewer chances for a change of society.
And even less for animal rights.

Best regards to all, Venus

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  1. I wrote on the newspaper last Sept. 6ht, and already received few “menaces” (as always, anonymous). Oh yes, there are many, a multitude indeed, not willing to realize that all is connected. The consumpion of meat is the real global problem… but I don’t want to retell the old same story. Hugs :-)c

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