Ban on animal transports to Russia and the dark motives of politics



A few days ago, the following report appeared on the website of the Animals Angels Organization, Germany, known for its excellent work against animal transports.

Great success: Lower Saxony prohibits long animal transports of cattle to Russia, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan!

This was announced by Agriculture Minister Barbara Otte-Kinast (Christian Democratic Union, CDU) on Friday. The Minister acknowledges that the animals on these routes are not adequately cared for.

Our stakes on the route to Uzbekistan in February contributed to this decision.
Three Animals’ Angels teams followed 66 pregnant cows from Germany over 6,000 kilometers to their destination for nine days. Locally, it became clear to us: The animals can not be so supplied – and get rest breaks – as required by EU law. In addition came extreme weather. Freezing cold and frozen potions, snowdrifts and slippery roads. Animal transports on certain routes will no longer be approved in the future.


“I have current information on the official side, that certain unloading and supply stations in the Russian Federation do not exist or only in insufficient condition,” said the Minister of Agriculture. “Therefore, I have arranged that the processing of cattle transports on the main route Kazakhstan-Uzbekistan-Southeast Russia will be stopped.”

Last year, about 3,600 cattle were transported from Lower Saxony to Uzbekistan and around 630 cattle to Kazakhstan.

In total, living animals worth just under € 42 million were transported to countries outside the EU in 2018. There was criticism, as the routes are often extremely long and can be difficult to check how well the animals are supplied with water and food on the way.

Animals Angels: “We welcome the Minister’s decision and hope that it sets an example nationwide and beyond, and we ask all authorities involved to take the next steps now”.

The turnaround of the minister surprised!

In the spring of 2019, Schleswig-Holstein, Bavaria and Hesse had already temporarily banned transport of animals to several countries outside the EU.

The background was information from the animal welfare organization “Animal Angels” about a livestock transport in Lower Saxony to non-EU countries where apparently animals were tormented. Corresponding information from the animal welfare organization “Animal Angels” about this transport has been available on the Minister of Agriculture’s table since the end of February.


Nevertheless: Otte-Kinast had still refused a ban of these transports.

The minister said at the time: “We simply do not have the legal basis to ban animal transports to third countries” !!,tiertransporte122.html

My comment: every step in the direction of “no animal suffering, no animal transports” makes us all happy and of course we also welcome such decisions.

We have demanded the same ban from the EU Commission against animal transports from EU countries to the Arab countries.

Without success, only with many victims.

Therefore, some questions arise openly: why did the Minister of Lower Saxony banned animal transports to Russia so quickly?

And six months ago, when it came to transports to North Africa, she rejected this prohibition on the grounds that it lacked the legal basis for this?
Under what reason is this basis now existing?

I have a guess: because the whole German policy is currently directed against Russia.
Forced by Trump’s anti-Russian strategy.

The move is good, but if this is only politically motivated, it will stay there and the animal transports in the “other” third countries will continue as they did before.

My best regards to all, Venus


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