Early exercises who wants to become a murderer



A bullfight in August in honor of the women of the city of Esquivias, Spain, resulted in cruel scenes. In a video you can see, among other things, a 15-year-old girl mercilessly stabbing a calf.


When she succeeds after many cruel attempts to kill the animal, the young calf’s ears are immediately cut off as a trophy.


The young bullfighter girl can be seen shortly after, as she proudly laughs after her bloody fight in the crowd and holds two children by the hands. One of the children presents to the audience the ear previously cut off from the defeated calf.

Not the only ears that were cut off that day. Another will be presented to a woman in the audience. She looks forward to the bloody memory.

The frightening video has since been removed by YouTube for its brutal content.


Stolz präsentiert sich eine Stierkämpferin dem Publikum. Ein Junge hält ein abgetrenntes Ohr in der Hand.

Spanish animal and child protectors go to the barricades

Marta Esteban of the “Animal Guardians” and the “Independent Committee for the Protection of Children” lead the way: “Would it be a kind of entertainment for boys and girls to torture dogs and cats or even sheep? Why is it in cattle? It’s obviously not, “said the activist in a report by the Animal Guardians.

Not only was the event an animal cruelty, it was also a crime on the psyche of the children who would attend and watch. “Allowing children to torture and kill animals and cause them so much suffering, especially during a public spectacle, is abnormal from the point of view of their physical and mental integrity, destroying their empathy for the suffering of others and opening the door to further violence “, the activist continues.

Carmen Ibarlucea, President of “La Tortura No Es Cultura” (torture is no culture) also commented on the perfidious bullfight that was held in honor of women.

“Tributes to women, such as bullfighting in this case, are a tradition to end”, and continued: “The exhibition of female minors who use violence against animals is not a means to promote equality, and violates the protection of children.



My comment: If the “butcher girl” would rather have taken careful of a bit more at school and enjoyed a school system that is on a European level, then surely a good person would have become her too.

Unfortunately, Spain is a country that has and spends very little money on education. This is also noticeable at every point and also on bypass with animals.

It is known, that millions are wasted by this “tradition” of the primitives, while the schools in Spain are completely polluted and decayed.

Every year, Spain holds its hand and begs like a small child from other European countries for help, so that their “culture”, the mindless, can continue to exist. Education and the future of Spanish children are not worth a penny in and for Spain.

This is also evident from the fact that traditions from the Middle Ages are perceived with enthusiasm, which only scare and disgust every other educated person.

My best regards to all, Venus


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