Austria: Give your vote for Martin Balluch-for the animals!



This short article actually only concerns readers who live in Austria and will take part in the federal elections next Sunday, 29th September.

In the party JETZT (NOW) arises as independent candidate the animal rights activist Dr.Dr. Martin Balluch.



Martin Balluch is an Austrian physicist, philosopher, and prominently animal rights activist.

He has been ONE of Europe’s animal rights activists for decades and works with all his might for animal welfare.

He was able to contribute to some successes, in particular to the prohibition of fur farms and wildlife circuses, the prohibition of laying batteries, animal experiments on apes and the caging of meat rabbits, to the establishment of animal protection as a state goal in the Federal Constitution and the ban on poultry boxes for mother pigs.


The philosopher Peter Singer has called Balluch “one of the foremost spokesmen in the worldwide animal rights movement for pursuing the nonviolent, democratic road to reform. ” He was invited to run as a Green Party candidate in September 2008.

As the main defendant, Balluch and other thirteen animal rights activists stood trial in the scandalous “animal rights activists process” on March 2, 2010.

With the unfounded charge that he and the other animal rights activists of the “Association Against Animal Factories (VgT Austria)” were involved in a criminal organization.
This led to international proceedings and on May 2, 2011, all 13 defendants were acquitted of all charges after more than thirteen months of pre-trial detention.



Martin Balluch on his candidacy ” I don`t know exactly what to expect if I am elected to Parliament and I therefore can not promise concrete progress. But I can promise that I want to raise the issue of animal protection, always and everywhere, and constantly criticize the government for its failures in animal welfare and to show them the crimes they are responsible for against the so-called livestock.

Parliament does not have the task of appealing to the people to be kind to animals. Parliament has the task of setting the course so that society changes in such a way that animals are no longer maltreated”.

Austria: September 29, 2019: List JETZT –

Who wants animal welfare, must choose Balluch!


My best regards to all, Venus


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