Brazil: oil spill and no one knows where from



Enigmatic oil spill kills animals along the Brazilian coast –
The world sees that the Amazon in Brazil is burning the lungs of our planet. And it’s still burning, but another environmental catastrophe is coming.



Since September 2, 2019, an enigmatic oil spill kills wildlife along the Brazilian coast. Meanwhile, according to the Brazilian Environmental Agency Ibama, beaches along the 3000 km long coast of the Brazilian Northeast are affected.

Recalling “Deepwater Horizon”, 580,000 million liters of oil flowed into the sea, destroying the Gulf of Mexico ecosystem. Even now, many marine animals in Brazil are fighting for survival after the oil spill, including oil-glued birds and poisoned turtles, as contact with oil can cause serious damage to their health.



Although there are extensive oil exploration activities off the coast of Brazil, the authorities have excluded this as the cause of the oil spill. That means a 3,000 km coastline is destroyed by an oil spill and nobody knows where this oil comes from (!!!).
It was April 2019 that the Brazilian Environmental Agency approved the exploration of oil in the largest coral reefs in the South Atlantic.


April 21, 2010  the Deepwater Horizon oil rig burns. Mexico.

Since the British energy company BP has been forced to pay a record $ 20.8 billion (following the explosion of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico), major oil companies are worried that such sums of money will be due again.

That means – where no plaintiff is not a crime. And unfortunately, the media also play an important role here, because that the huge oil company BP had to pay, is also due to the worldwide protest.


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